New Mommyhood

I’ve been a Mamma exactly 21 weeks to date. That’s only a little over five months ago, but somehow the days of being gloriously pregnant, attending baby showers left and right in my honor, and even finally reaching the big D-day, now all seem like a distant memory. All that blur has now been replaced (quite literally!) by blood, sweat, (lots of) tears, and even (lots, lots more) laughter . Looking back at the past couple of months, I wonder now how come I’ve never heard a Mamma say to me that motherhood is so much work (because most days I really feel like it is!!!) I guess the days ahead will answer that question for me.

I didn't expect pregnancy to be SUCH a beautiful time...once the morning sickness was all over.

The CALM before the storm...

Our FIRST family photo.

The boy who would forever change our lives...

My boys...father and son.

He adored him from Day One.

There's nothing that I wouldn't make you feel my love.


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