Operation: Family Schedule

We’ve been in Arizona for almost a month, and I must say the progress that we’ve made is great. We’ve got most of our boxes unpacked (except for those tagged as “new home” for when we eventually move into our own home). Our room and Miguel’s room are pretty much set up. For our room I just need to get to work on organizing our files, a task I wanted to get done in New Jersey but didn’t have time for. For Miguel’s room, we just have a wall border to apply, and his transportation and safari-themed bedroom-playroom will be complete.

Now all that’s left to do is LIVE. BREATHE. ENJOY.

In the time we’ve been here, our days have been pretty much unstructured: lazy mornings, brunches, and no designated bedtime except for Miguel. But after a month, I really feel like it’s time to put some order into things, especially if I want to be a productive SAHM. Here’s a preliminary schedule I’ve drafted:

8 AMRise & Shine: Miguel wakes up, takes a bottle. Most days he’ll snuggle and snooze some more for an additional two hours (I’ll try to resist the urge to sleep in with him from now on). I’ll get up, have some coffee while I read for half an hour (emails, Facebook, the morning paper), and contemplate what to prepare for breakfast.

8:30 AMCan I be a Culinary Queen? Time to cook breakfast. I hope to be able to whip up some goodies from my dusty old cookbooks, deviate from the usual bacon and eggs from time to time.

9 AMBreakfast. Just some quality time to enjoy the first meal of the day.

10 AMThe First Chores Get Done. Miguel takes another bottle. Clean-up after breakfast. Take out food for lunch to cook/heat up/or thaw.

10 AM to 12 PMA Two-hour Block for Morning Activities. Playtime… errands… a time to tackle to-do’s.

12 PMLunch Prep. Cook rice, etc. This might be a good time to try out those recipes from Giada or Rachael Ray. Miguel takes another bottle (he only drinks 4 oz. at a time, hence, the frequent two-hour feedings).

1 PMLunch Time.

2 PMClean Up After Lunch. Take out food for dinner to thaw. Another bottle for Miggz.

2:30 PMShower Time.

3 PM to 5 PMMiguel Naps. This is a good time for me to get a break and either nap with him, or work on hobbies I’d like to get back into or start doing (photography, scrapbooking, writing among other things).

5 PMDinner Prep. Miguel wakes up from his nap and takes another bottle. Time for me to cook rice for dinner.

5 PM to 7 PMEvening Activities. Playtime and bonding with the grandparents. A nice two-hour break for me and the hubby to get our own things done.

7 PMDinner. Miguel will take another bottle after his meal.

8 PMTV Time. Fall shows are right around the corner…yess!

9 PMEvening Bath. Then a final bottle for the day for Miggz.

9:30 PMBedtime. Miguel is off to bed. Lights are turned off, and he eventually dozes off.

10 PM Miguel is Asleep. =)

10 PM to 12 Midnight Late Evening Activities for Me and Te. Wash and prepare his bottles for the next day, kitchen clean up, maybe more TV, Facebook time, blog updating, etc.

12 MidnightLights Out. Time for bed. Tomorrow is another day.


The Effects of Lost Brain Cells

I’ve once again confirmed that pregnancy fries your brain cells, and New Mamma-hood makes it worse. In short, there will be moments (lots) in your New Mamma journey when you’d feel totally forgetful, absent-minded, and at times, just downright “not there.” Case in point, today I lost two things: one little trinket of Miguel’s (a squishy penguin that came with a new toy set he got for his 1st birthday). Boo. And one not-so-little trinket of mine (a white gold eternity pendant necklace I’ve worn since my husband gave it to me for Christmas almost three years ago. BIGGER boo. I was so bummed for losing it. I couldn’t cry because the circumstance of how I lost it was just so trivial. Completely my fault. A result of my total lack of available brain power reserves. I’ve heard there are things you can do to improve your memory again, to enhance your brain, so to speak.

Suggestions, anyone?

Back to Blogging

I’m back after almost eight months of hiatus. Not that you can call my initial attempt at this to be “serious” blogging. But I’ll be better. Promise. After all, I am now a Stay-At-Home Mom (SAHM). I should have all the time in the world to blog now.

So what happened in the past eight months, you ask. Well…lots. For one thing, I am now on the other side of the country. We finally moved!!! My husband and I, since getting married, have always planned on moving to Arizona to be closer to my family. Four years and a baby later, here we are. Gone are our days living in a one-bedroom apartment, which was not that bad when it was just the two of us. Add a baby and a mother-in-law to that living arrangement and we’ve created a recipe for disaster. Needless to say, we all wanted out. Me especially, but I know my hubby was right up there.

So we survived a cross-country move. Now what?? I have visions of me being this fabulous New Mamma, being a domestic goddess and getting things done. As I’ve come to realize the past few weeks, that is easier said than done. Here I am up at seven in the morning (a rare occasion!), searching the internet for the ideal SAHM schedule.

I’m still looking…

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