Taking Care of Business

After a month and a half of being in Arizona…this week we registered our car and got our Arizona license plate and drivers’ licenses. We’re not really required to do this immediately (by definition, Arizona Residency means seven months of being in the state), but we decided to go ahead and get it over with. Plus, insurance rates in AZ is sooo much cheaper than the NJ insurance we carry now, so it was better of that we switched up sooner than later.

Below is a breakdown of what we’ve spent:

$27.75 – Vehicle Inspection and Emissions Test (valid for two years)

$122.21 – Vehicle License Tax (Arizona charges this fee in lieu of property taxes charged by other states. This fee is based on our car’s value, which is now five years old. If it were a new car, this would have been a LOT more.)

$8.25 – Registration Fee

$4.00 – Title Fee (we had to give up our NJ title for the car and they changed it to an AZ title)

$1.50 – Air Quality Fee (not sure what this is for…but they charge everybody it)

$25.00 – Driver License Fee (for me, expires in 2046, when I turn 65 years old)

$25.00 – Driver License Fee (for Te, expires in 2040. At first I wasn’t sure why the difference in expiration dates, but I’ve figured that this is the year when Te turns 65 years old)

So there. It goes to show how different our state is from NJ. I am curious when the time comes when we purchase our home, if they really won’t charge any property tax. I’ll think about it when we’re there 😉

UPDATE – February 2012:

After living in Arizona for a year-and-a-half now–and getting my AZ Real Estate license–I was clearly mistaken to think that Arizona did not charge property taxes. The state DOES charge property tax, and currently it is 10% of the assessed value of your (residential) property. Not bad…that is still significantly lower than what most states charge (it’s definitely much lower than NJ taxes!!)


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