Miguel’s First Steps

Tonight was absolutely exhilarating! I got to see my son take his first real steps!!! For the past month and a half he’s been taking a couple of steps here and there, and then he’ll proceed right to his usual speed crawl. As we played together in his room though, he just took off. Not two steps, not even five steps. He took like seven steps from one point of the room to another! Ahhhh. Of course I did not have the flip video, or even my iPhone video camera to record it. A normal mom would immediately get up and grab the nearest camera she could find. Of course, I chilled there and just played with him. Of course, he takes off again!!! LOL. After that we took a little trip to our bedroom where the flip video is, and Te even came along to encourage him to walk some more. Finally…I caught a few videos of his FIRST REAL STEPS!!!

It’s true what they say…the BEST things in life are free =)


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