The Miggie Report: 14 Months

I’ve been terrible at keeping up with Miguel’s milestones. It’s probably because I can’t keep up. At one year and two months, the new things he comes up with just keep piling up on us.

When Miguel was a baby, I kept close tabs on his every little accomplishment, noting them all in his baby book. His first smile. His first belly laugh. His first crawl. I was so meticulous at my record-keeping about Miguel that I think it secretly drove my husband crazy. Somewhere between being a full-time working mom, packing our whole house, and moving to Arizona however, I just lost track. Of everything. Miles and miles of milestones missed. Nothing noted in writing, just archived in photos. Lots and lots of photos. I am happy that I can always look back at Miguel’s pictures whenever I need to see an accomplishment or occasion re-enacted in my head (his first solid food meal, first time at the park, first time at Chuck E. Cheese’s, etc.), but I know it’s not the same if I wrote about it…really capture the moment in pen (or in this case, through the blogosphere).

So I promise to write more about Miguel’s ever-increasing toddler achievements, his ever-budding little personality, and everything in between. It’s my hope that one day read he’ll read about and appreciate the stories of him growing up, ever so fast for me.

Here goes…the 14th-Month Report:

  • Height: Almost 2 1/2 feet
  • Weight: To be confirmed (our weighing scale is temperamental)
  • What He Usually Eats for Breakfast: a piece of white toast, half a banana, sip of orange juice, his milk
  • Favorite Foods at the Moment: strawberry, sautéed string beans (the real stuff, not the pureed kind), dinuguan
  • Still Likes: Gerber Graduates Puffs and Gerber Graduates Lil’ Crunchies
  • Antics:

– He walks FAST, always as if someone is chasing him. He’s still a little wobbly, but he’s got great balance.

– He loves to squeeze into tight little corners. When sleeping, he’ll move his little body as tightly close to you as possible. He’ll do the same if surrounded by pillows.

– He has two Pottery Barn Kids towels he just loves: Mr. Dinosaur and Mr. Bear. He hugs whichever one is being used before his bath.

– He likes the pantry and enjoys picking up whatever he can carry out of it in his two hands (lately, it’s the recyclable milk containers…drives me nuts!)

– He calls his Dad Mama.

– He has a loud voice, and though still unable to speak in sentences, he will let you hear it when he wants something.

– He knows how to ask for milk (de-de!)

– He knows how to climb on the fridge opening to get his milk.

– He pats your back when he gives you a hug.

– He has to kiss in two’s. If he kisses me, he has to kiss his dad (and vice versa).

– He also likes to play in two’s. Two trucks, two cars, two stuffed animals always. One for each hand.

– He likes to clean. He learned to wipe his high chair early on (probably because he sees me do it all the time after he eats), and lately, he’s been fighting for the Swiffer every chance he sees anyone with it.

Miguel has made peace with the Swiffer.


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