It’s Cold at Six in the Morning

Remember when you were pregnant and you registered for all those receiving blankets? You frequented layette boutiques and couldn’t resist the sets of small, super soft and cute mini throws. You stopped by baby stores and picked up some blanket sets yourself. You got them as baby shower gifts because you registered for them. And you got them as baby shower gifts even if you didn’t register for them.

Fourteen-plus months later you now possess a gigantic pile of striped and non-striped, safari-printed and polka-dotted flannel baby blankets, fluffy miniature comforters, and fun fleece throws that could easily rival your own linen collection.

Of course your son ends up absolutely hating being under the covers. He could be so sound asleep, and the second you pull a comforter over his body, his legs instinctively and instantaneously lift up like a zombie and land outside and over that blankie.

We left the bedroom window open last night to let the cool breezes in. Te and I are on opposite sides of our bed, flanked by one single comforter up to our necks. Miggz, on the other hand, is lying asleep in the middle of us, obviously not caring that his whole little body is resting on our blankie. It’s times like this at six a.m. that leaves me wondering,

“What on earth did I want all those baby blankets for?”


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