All Things Good and Yummy

After weeks of anticipation…we finally made it to the Arizona State Fair. It’s been on my calendar ever since I saw an add for it on the paper more than a month ago. I knew we definitely wanted to go there mainly for the Colbie Caillat concert (general seating included with fair admission). But everything in there was well worth the visit! The foods, the rides, the sights and lights! We definitely had a blast!

At first, Miggz got scared of other people’s screams from the rides. He cried, and after I took him off from his stroller, he clung on to me for dear life. It was cute, but I guess if a state fair can excite normal adults like me and Te, it must be THAT MUCH more overwhelming for a toddler. He got over it soon enough.

I was a bit nervous of how he would behave in the concert. (Would he be loud? Get all wriggly? Cry?) I was thankful to find that he sat there for the most part, clapped when he saw and heard everyone else applaud, and I think he really liked Colbie as much as we did 🙂

After the concert we stayed until pretty much the closing time of the fair to enjoy the yummy grub (corn dogs, cotton candy, roasted corn, funnel cake)…which are all so good, yet so bad for you (except for the corn–that one’s actually good and healthy). I was on the lookout for, but unfortunately did not find, any fried Oreos. The last time I had those was in Point Pleasant, NJ. There were other foods I dared not try (chocolate dipped bacon, anyone?). We also tried a couple of games and rides. Te won me a Domo doll, and Miggz a matching Domo basketball. It got pretty cool towards the end of the night, and we ended up coming home close to midnight.

It was another grand time with my two favorite boys. I can’t wait for our next little adventure 🙂


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