Time Capsule


I feel like I just went back in time.

I’ve spent the past couple of hours being wide awake and looking for and finding my former blogs. Three of them to be exact. Actually four…because I created a blog on our wedding website as well, which I just remembered about right now. Come to think of it, I know I also have a multiply site account, but I cannot for the life of me remember my user name or password for that one. So five former blogs (this is my sixth).

It’s amazing to believe, but I have actually been blogging for seven years!!! My oldest blog post dates back to November 7, 2003 (guess what blog platform it’s on). Granted there is a HUGE gaping blog hole in their starting from somewhere after around the time Te and I got married to somewhere after Te and I had Miguel (which, incidentally marks the beginning of this blog). I hugely blame my cessation of writing blog posts on Facebook and the ever-present status updates (which are really mini-blogs if you think about it). Oh, and on new motherhood. But I am really glad I blogged again!

I enjoyed re-opening these virtual time capsules and re-reading about my former life. Me, the not-yet-married (but very much in love) chick. Me, who wrote about…LOL…getting old at 22. Me, many, many, many blog posts away from being a Mom. I look back at those blogs and smile, because I knew, even back then, that I wanted to be a Mom. And now here I am, all the more motivated to write again, because I want Miguel to be able to go back in history and read this time capsule I’ve set up for him, so he’ll know how much he’s changed our lives.

Especially mine.

One of my five former blogs was on blogspot.


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