My Thoughts on Backblogging

I am lying in bed when I got the sudden urge to look at old photos in my Facebook account, specifically those in my mobile uploads album. It’s really micro-blogging at its easiest and simplest form if you think about it. Snap a photo, upload it with a few words, and presto! The whole world is instantly updated on the latest about your life.

I especially enjoyed looking back at my mobile updates about Miguel. The bits and pieces of memories I posted here and there on my wall help me go back to that point in time and reminisce about that moment.

I am glad for the times I made use of the mobile status update; there’s no way I’d have preserved those little moments otherwise–of Miggz trying on his first pair of shoes, or him playing on his bounce-a-bout, or his Dad and him hanging out on our porch at Apt. 3217.

I wish every moment now that I had time to blog about all those precious little events and milestones back then, about the story of Miguel’s birth, of him growing up in his first year in New Jersey. I tried…it was just SO hard. With being a working Mamma and coming home to Miguel at night, blogging as much as I wanted to was something time did not permit me. At the end of the day, I simply chose to sleep (whay can I say, exhaustion got the best of me).

But I am determined to write about what transpired, especially events in my first year of being a Mom. I may not have had all the time to write about them then–but I do now–so backblog I will do.

If time permits.


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