The Miggie Report: 16 Months

I had intended to make monthly reports about Miguel’s milestones ever since I posted his last one two months ago, but sadly, I couldn’t due to the hefty hustle-and-bustle of November. So this report spans two months, and really, two continents, as I am writing this in my grandmother’s bedroom in the house where I partly grew up many years ago.

Seeing Miguel’s progress over the past two months is downright scary (figuratively and literally), to say the least. He is now a little kid (with much-needed adult supervision), no longer a baby for sure. The worries of moms with young babies are not the same as the woes of moms with young toddlers. Since my last post, Miggz has gotten so good at giving me little heart attacks attempting to get out of bed on his own, running to the bathroom to head straight for the toilet bowl, or fleeing to the top of the stairs where the last person unknowingly left the safety gate ajar. Terrence and I have managed well to keep him out of harm’s way, but I honestly don’t know how long he and I can keep it up, what with Miguel’s ever-expansive sense of curiosity and adventure. I tend to err on the side of safety (while trying to avoid being over-protective). Terrence, my husband, on the other hand, tends to let Miggz try things out for himself so he can learn to manage things on his own quicker, like allowing him to get out of bed without help. I am glad we have this parenting balance, as I think Miggz becomes all the better for it. As of now–thanks to Te–Miggz knows how to get out of bed on his own without falling. He’ll hold on to the bed’s edge and carefully lower his legs down until his little feet reaches the floor, and then he’ll get off the bed and proceed with his little adventure for the day. He’s mastered this skill for about two months now.

Here are some other things Miggz have mastered over the last two months…

– sipping from a straw

– pointing at and naming familiar objects (light, moon, car) and people (Mama, Daddy, Gramma, Wo-Wo, Tedi)

– walking/running without looking like a little drunk man

– making little requests (“Up. Daddy. De-de.” is his way of asking his Dad every morning to get up from bed and get him some milk…LOL)

– determining which one is our car from a parked lot (I know…smart boy!)

– asking to go “labas” or “outside” when he wants to play outdoors

– repeating a loud “A-CHOO!” whenever his Wo-wo (Grandpa) sneezes

– saying “OH NOOO” when something isn’t right

– giving hugs and kisses on command (and when he pleases to do so!)

– and since coming to the Philippines, getting his Great Grandmother’s hand and placing the back of it upon his forehead to “bless”…a sign of respect for the elderly in our culture

Miggz has mastered using the straw and sipping freshly made MANGO SHAKE 🙂

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