Mommy and Daddy Date Night

It’s not easy to have dedicated “just Mom and Dad” moments between Terrence and I ever since Miguel came along. I mean…we love toting him around everywhere we go (and miss him a LOT when we don’t), but sometimes you just need your “alone” time as a couple to reconnect and remind you both about the pre-baby days.

So tonight, I invited Terrence to go to the movies (we’re lucky enough to have both my mom and dad at home to watch Miguel). It’s been AGES since we’ve been to one, and watching two grown-up flicks in one night definitely felt…exhilarating.

He sat through The King's Speech (my pick).


And I sat through The Adjustment Bureau (his pick).


It turned out to be a good night :).

Because Some Mommy Moments Are Grosser Than Others

DISCLAIMER! If you are easily grossed out by things, please DO NOT proceed with reading this post. Otherwise, read on…

Look what my son just handed to me to throw in the garbage. (Yup…he REALLY said, “Mommey, GAR-beej.”)

Toddler poop in my hand: Not my grossest ever experience, but gross enough to share.

Of course, my first instinct was to turn around and open my hand wide to get the “GAR-beej” from him.

My second instinct was to run to the other room (part grossed out, part laughing out loud), and show the thing to his Dad.

My third instinct was to snap a photo of it with my iPhone (thinking THIS would really make for a hilarious blog).

Meanwhile, Dad was already in the sink washing this boy from the waist down. I go to the toilet and dump the poopie, wash my hands, get the boy from Daddy, give him a quick shower, then spray us both all over with anti-bacterial disinfectant.

Ok…I admit, I did not do the last part, though that’s not a bad idea…

I am just MIGHTILY thankful he did not EAT the thing.

Or worse, spread it all over the carpet!!!

We Missed the Train!

Last weekend we had planned on seeing Thomas the Tank Engine out in Globe, AZ (about one-hour drive from us). Miguel just started getting into the Thomas the Tank toys and TV series, and it was timely that Terrence had found an ad in the newspaper for this a week ago:

Who Knew? Thomas the Tank Engine was in town last weekend.

But we missed the train! Lol. Actually, we didn’t get to book tickets in advance (me being the culprit). It would have been a fun family day. I hope they come to Arizona again next year…

In case you’re interested, the tour is still ongoing. Click on the links below for more information…

Thomas and Friends – Leader of the Track Tour

TicketWeb – Day out with Thomas 2011 Tour Dates and Locations

The Day He Learned to Say “Thank You” / The Miggie Report: 19 Months

Since I did an 18 1/2-Month post…this report is just from the past two weeks, but it’s amazing what a toddler learns in just that short amount of time.

I am proud to say that many years from now, Terrence can give me the credit to teaching our son how to say “Please” and “Thank You.”

It started with some White Castle Chicken Rings that we took home from our uber-quick NJ trip. If you’ve never had White Castle Chicken Rings before–and have access to a White Castle in your state–get some now! They are delicious…especially with their Honey Mustard sauce. (Arizona, unfortunately, does not have any White Castles around).

As a snack one day, I decided to cut up some Chicken Rings for Miguel. He ended up LOVING them (after all, what’s not to love…they are glorified chicken nuggets)!!! I used these as a learning tool and proceeded with giving him just one ring at a time, sliced up nicely in his bowl. After the first serving, he asked for more. He’s been taught to say “please” before, but has not really been consistent with saying it. So I essentially used the yummy chicken rings as a behavior reinforcer. LOL. With each succeeding serving, I waited for him to say, “please” before I got up to slice a new chicken ring. And before completely giving him a new bowl, I asked him, “What will you say?” After a couple of tries, he said it in the cutest way…


For the past two weeks I continued this routine with every meal, glass of water, bottle of milk, toy, etc. that he asks for: anxiously waiting for the “please” at the onset of a request, and patiently waiting for his “TINK-yooooo” at the end. He’s needed the “What will you say?” reminder up until now, when I just handed him a bottle of de-de (his milk).

“TINK-yooooo,” he says.

It’s even sweeter when he says it on his own.

And I know he is now a thanker by heart.

And it makes me feel SO proud.

WHAT Happened to Spring?

Today marks the date when the rest of the country–except for us here in Arizona (and Hawaii)–moved their clocks forward for Daylight Saving Time (DST). In many ways, I am glad we don’t have to change time. It’s something I’ve always hated and never got used to when we lived back in Jersey (and we lived there for 15+ years!) I did not like having to adjust the time one hour ahead in the spring time (done on the second Sunday of March) only to revert to Standard Time, or “Fall Back” on the first Sunday of November.

The twice-a-year changing of the time, for me, disrupted the things I’ve grown accustomed to on a daily basis: my no-matter-how-abnormal sleep cycle, mine and my hubby’s crazy morning and evening (non-)routines, the untouched clocks on our walls. DST just threw us off. Every. Single. Time. It’s the expected unexpected curveball…you know it will happen, but it messes you up anyway…(kind of like the MANY things that you encounter during Motherhood.)

Which brings me to this blog post’s title, WHAT happened to Spring? The changing of the time in our previous home state’s timezone–no matter how disrupting–gave us something to be expected. DST signaled not just more daylight, but the promise of a new season. In March, that meant warmer weather was just in the horizon. In November, snow (or more snow to come).

Here in Arizona, I am expecting gorgeous 70-degree days right about now, to coincide with a lighter and fresher wardrobe. I am not one to be a fashionista or a trend-follower, but spring always brings something I welcome, which is girly-girl comfort in all the right mix of not-too-winter-heavy, and not-too-summer-showy outfits.

The Arizona weather, it seems however, has decided to throw us a curveball, and bring us straight right into summer.

Here is our town’s forecast for the next five days:

I am still hoping for spring-like weather. I’m not quite ready to welcome the scorching heat yet, even though I know it is to be expected.

Photos from First Haircut

Here are the photos Daddy took from Miguel’s first haircut…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photography by Terrence Guerrero | TerrenceGPhotography

The Day We Cut His Hair

We just loved Miguel's curly hair. (This photo was taken two months ago.)

It’s been 18 months and 18 days to be exact. Not a lock of hair cut from this boy since he was born. People–especially in very traditional Philippines–were starting to think he was a girl at first glance.

“What a beautiful child!” they would say. “She looks just like a doll.” And I would politely say he’s a boy, his name is Miguel, and that we just love his soft, natural curls that’s why we wanted to let his hair grow out.

But this morning’s really bad hair (an understatement) pretty much made us decide that it was time.

Miguel's hair this morning was badly screaming for a cut, or a really good groomer. (The similar outfit from the previous photo taken two months ago is a funny coincidence.)

And so to this place called Cool Cuts we went. It had a little red fire engine where we situated Miguel for his first scissor encounter. He was very willing to “drive” the thing while watching The Little Einsteins in a small TV right in front of him.

This place thought of everything, I said to myself, but how long will the boy last? He was not loving the cape Shauna (the nice girl who cut his hair) put on him, but thankfully he kept it on throughout the whole process. I watched (and videotaped) as this boy drove, danced, and jumped in the fire truck, and squirmed at the cape around his neck. He did not mind the girl touching his locks, let alone snip away his curls. Daddy took photos of the whole deal. After what felt like 15 minutes (the haircut seemed to go super fast…I guess when you’re in that position, you do what you can in the fastest time possible to get the most decent cut possible out of a boy who seems close to impossible to give a hair cut.)

The result…

Miguel’s new haircut.

He looks like a completely different boy.

It’s a GREAT cut…

…but I am having curly hair withdrawal.

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