The Miggie Report: 18 1/2 Months

I’m behind on Miguel’s 18-month report, so I’ve decided to do an “and a half” post.

The past couple of weeks has brought us from the Philippines back to Arizona, then to New Jersey for a quick week, and finally settled back home (here in AZ). We have Miggz in tow on all trips, of course. While in NJ for seven days, we got to see Miguel’s Aunties and Uncles from Terrence’s side of the family, and most of our NJ friends (and their new babies…more than three were born since we moved to Arizona in July 2010). We had mini-reunions all over the place, and it was great to see everyone again, even for a short time (especially the babies!!!).

Miguel had no problems feeling at ease amidst all the faces and places he hasn’t seen in six months. In every home we visited, I saw him feel AT HOME. More than that, he interacted very easily with everyone, young and old alike (although I wished he shared his toys more when around other kids). He’s also quite the talker and entertainer (I don’t know where he gets this from since both Terrence and I are the quiet, reserved types). He’s also very comedic…THAT I know he gets from his dad 🙂

Here are some highlights for Miguel’s 18-month (and a half) report:

– can answer “yes” or “no” depending on what he wants

– can speak quite a few Tagalog words, which he’s picked up from our recent trip to the Philippines (he knows ipis, lamig, hawak, sama, alis, init, tulog, ligo, among other words)

– calls everyone he sees with white hair “Lola” (Grandma)…even at airports and planes. I find this sooo hilarious!

– can feed himself with a spoon and fork unassisted

– loves Ben10 DVDs

– also likes the Little Einsteins, SID the Science Kid, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Thomas the Tank Engine, but NOT nearly as much as Ben10

– is getting into playing drums…nice!

– likes to play with cooking utensils and pretend food (which I have no problem with!)

– STILL loves to play with rocks…he picks them up from all over the place

– adores his Lolo and Lola

– still has NOT gotten a haircut, ever, and we know he’s in dire need of one (his curls are nice, but they’re getting too long)

– I am happy to report, has gotten over his “just Daddy” phase, and also looks for me when I’m not around, quite equally with Daddy 🙂

My HAM of a son, taken while he was making "ligo" at his Lola's house in the Philippines.


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