A Stay-At-Home Mom’s Other Jobs

On any given day, stay-at-home Mommys do the obvious: care for the kids, do housework (cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.), and care for the kids some more. There are other often overlooked tasks however, that are not that obvious, but do take a lot of time and energy as well. Our family’s busy activities the past couple of months have proven that, besides being a Mom, I am also:

The Family Accountant: I make sure that bills are paid on time, funds don’t go overdraft, and that there is enough money saved for future needs and expenses.

Event Planner: Christenings, Birthday Parties, Holidays, Family Reunions…you name it, I am planning it. This includes selecting venues, creating and sending invitations, planning menus, hiring entertainment, cleaning up, sending out thank you cards. It’s a LOT of work, but, I must say, this is the MOST fun for me.

Tax Preparer: The LEAST fun.

Filing our taxes...it's my LEAST favorite of them all.

Travel Agent: Involves searching for flights, hotels, destinations, excursions, travel planning and budgeting, itinerary creation, etc. This task is not bad, as long as I have enough lead time prior to a trip.

Luggage Packer…for lack of a better term: This is NOT my forte. I always wait until the last minute. I take FOREVER to pack. And I always OVER-PACK. I wish someone else can do this for me every time we go away.

Gift-Finder: When there is an occasion that calls for a present, it’s usually I who shops for–and packages–the gift. If it has to be shipped, yup, I am in charge of preparing that too.

Date Planner: Mostly out-of-the-blue stuff…but when I feel like getting away from Mommy and Housework, plus, All of the Above, duties, I search out concerts, comedy shows, Broadway plays, etc. that only my Hubby and I can attend. I LOVE this stuff, even though I know I have to drag my Hubby to most of them LOL!

Activity Researcher: I am always on the lookout for activities we can do as a family. Since I am also the Family Accountant, I prefer the activities to be cheap, if not free. I lucked out on a couple last year, like the Pumpkin Patch and the Arizona State Fair last Autumn. The newspaper is a good source for this.

So…what else do you do on a regular basis as a Stay-At-Home Mom? (I’ve corrected myself. I was already doing these even before I took on Mommyhood full-time–as I’m sure, a LOT of Mommys out there do too! :))


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