The Day He Learned to Say “Thank You” / The Miggie Report: 19 Months

Since I did an 18 1/2-Month post…this report is just from the past two weeks, but it’s amazing what a toddler learns in just that short amount of time.

I am proud to say that many years from now, Terrence can give me the credit to teaching our son how to say “Please” and “Thank You.”

It started with some White Castle Chicken Rings that we took home from our uber-quick NJ trip. If you’ve never had White Castle Chicken Rings before–and have access to a White Castle in your state–get some now! They are delicious…especially with their Honey Mustard sauce. (Arizona, unfortunately, does not have any White Castles around).

As a snack one day, I decided to cut up some Chicken Rings for Miguel. He ended up LOVING them (after all, what’s not to love…they are glorified chicken nuggets)!!! I used these as a learning tool and proceeded with giving him just one ring at a time, sliced up nicely in his bowl. After the first serving, he asked for more. He’s been taught to say “please” before, but has not really been consistent with saying it. So I essentially used the yummy chicken rings as a behavior reinforcer. LOL. With each succeeding serving, I waited for him to say, “please” before I got up to slice a new chicken ring. And before completely giving him a new bowl, I asked him, “What will you say?” After a couple of tries, he said it in the cutest way…


For the past two weeks I continued this routine with every meal, glass of water, bottle of milk, toy, etc. that he asks for: anxiously waiting for the “please” at the onset of a request, and patiently waiting for his “TINK-yooooo” at the end. He’s needed the “What will you say?” reminder up until now, when I just handed him a bottle of de-de (his milk).

“TINK-yooooo,” he says.

It’s even sweeter when he says it on his own.

And I know he is now a thanker by heart.

And it makes me feel SO proud.


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  1. Mom
    Mar 17, 2011 @ 17:05:17

    I love it and I always waiting for a new one


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