Because Some Mommy Moments Are Grosser Than Others

DISCLAIMER! If you are easily grossed out by things, please DO NOT proceed with reading this post. Otherwise, read on…

Look what my son just handed to me to throw in the garbage. (Yup…he REALLY said, “Mommey, GAR-beej.”)

Toddler poop in my hand: Not my grossest ever experience, but gross enough to share.

Of course, my first instinct was to turn around and open my hand wide to get the “GAR-beej” from him.

My second instinct was to run to the other room (part grossed out, part laughing out loud), and show the thing to his Dad.

My third instinct was to snap a photo of it with my iPhone (thinking THIS would really make for a hilarious blog).

Meanwhile, Dad was already in the sink washing this boy from the waist down. I go to the toilet and dump the poopie, wash my hands, get the boy from Daddy, give him a quick shower, then spray us both all over with anti-bacterial disinfectant.

Ok…I admit, I did not do the last part, though that’s not a bad idea…

I am just MIGHTILY thankful he did not EAT the thing.

Or worse, spread it all over the carpet!!!


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