HOORAY for Miguel’s “Early in Bed” Time

I could jump for joy for the rest of the night right now.

My son–who does not go to bed earlier than midnight–has actually fallen asleep out of sheer tiredness and genuine sleepiness. He is now knocked out and asleep, and it looks like it will actually last through the morning.

Officially in bed by 10:30PM. That’s a new record of early for us.

I know for most parents’, and even kids’, standards, anything past ten o’clock is way late for a child’s bedtime. Trust me, ever since his birth, I’ve tried to put Miguel on a sleeping schedule…to little success. I attribute it to his enormous, unlimited amount of energy, our frequent traveling, and, I admit, our lack of discipline in enforcing waking up hours (which results into crazy bed time hours).

You see, I LOVE to sleep. Terrence used to be an early riser, but since being around me, has grown to love his sleep as well. I am NOT a morning person. I don’t wake up early unless I absolutely have to. And I would NEVER wake a sleeping baby, unless we are traveling, or going to church, or have other plans that require following a schedule or having to be somewhere on time. We just indulge in sleep. We let Miggz do the same, allowing him to sleep in as late as he wants to in the mornings. We’ve never had a problem on that front because, like me, he’ll sleep as much as he wants, usually waking up near noon lately. The problem with this arrangement (if you can call it that) is he doesn’t go down for a nap until later. MUCH later. The past few weeks it has been 6 PM. (I know!!! CRAZY!!!) This leads to a really late bed time of past 12 MIDNIGHT on most evenings.

Not normal at all.

So you can see why I am rejoicing right now, finding solace in the quiet of our “after-hours.” It’s SO great!!! I told Terrence earlier that we need more evenings like this. Which simply means we have to have more mornings like this morning, when the three of us were actually up around 7:45 AM (a rarity!) and out of the house by 9:45 AM, and in church by 10 AM. We all had time to bathe, get dressed, and grab a quick breakfast. I even had time to wash and prepare a couple of Miguel’s milk bottles for the road. And we got to church with enough time to park the car a block away, and have Miguel get settled in the toddler nursery prior to the service. It was AWESOME.

We need to wake up early tomorrow.

And the day after that.

And the day after that.

Let’s see WHO will have the willpower to do so. Me, or the baby.

Miguel when he was seven months old. He's ALWAYS been a sleepy-head (just like Mommy).


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