The Miggie Report: 21 Months / The Age of “Mine.” and “No!”

Three more months and Miggz will soon turn two. Lately, I find myself holding on to the last bits of baby in him, to little success. One indication is that he has started to realize that he can have a say on things that affect him (yes, mommies…it starts THAT early!), from toys he wants to play with, shoes he wants to wear, food he likes to eat, even stuff he likes to use.

Just yesterday, as I was brushing his teeth, Miguel decided to give up his baby “finger toothbrush” he’s always been so keen on using as I brush his teeth with a toddler brush (just like an adult’s, but tinier). He gave his baby brush to me, as if to say, “Mommey, switch.” He then grabbed the brush I was using on him and proceeded to brush his teeth…LOL. This morning I tried to get away with our usual routine. Of course, he would not have it! So now we brush his teeth with two toddler toothbrushes…one for him to use, and one for me to use on him.

This month marks the start of Miguel’s “rebelliousness,” so to speak. He now knows how to say “NO!” very prominently. He also has gotten to like the word “MINE” and will use it almost at anything he does not want to give up. I wish he will get over these pretty soon, but who’s to tell how long it will last (a few days, months, maybe until he’s eighteen…oh no!!!) He’s also back to the just-Daddy phase, but worse…wanting just Daddy to bathe him, feed him, or even hand him certain things like his bottle and sippy cup. I know…sad-face for me.

On a positive note, this past month also marked the beginnings of Miguel speaking in sentences. Though still broken, he has started to use words together to make conversation (as opposed to single words at a time or when he wants something). His very first sentence I can remember was “Din-go…ARE you?” That is, to say, “Jingle, WHERE are you?” (LOL…Jingle is my sister-in-law’s cat, whom Miguel was so keen to playing with when we visited them in Sarasota, FL this month). There was also “Daddy…doing?” to ask “Daddy, WHAT are you doing?”

So cute.

And this makes Terrence and I so proud, and we were stumped ourselves when we discovered it. Our 21-month old knows his alphabet. From A-Z. One day a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting on my desk (probably blogging) when Miggz saw some loose paper on our printer. He immediately asked if he can “draw.” I proceeded to give him a pen and allowed him to scribble. (No, he doesn’t know how to write them yet…LOL). As he took a break from “drawing” I took the pen and started asking him to identify a few letters I know he already knows…O, I, W. And then I started to spell his name. I was surprised he could identify the letters M-I-G-U-E-L. Later that day, I sat with him in his room, and with his Dad also there, I started writing the letters one-by-one on his Cars magic-erase board. Yup…(save for some similar looking letters, M and N, X and Y) he was able to identify his letters. Proof that learning apps work (his Dad has an alphabet flashcard app on his Droid).

Now if only there’s an app that teaches how to potty train! Right now, Miggz likes to go in the bathroom (just for the adventure of it), put the toilet seat down, and FLUSH! At least we got that part covered…hahaha!!! I don’t think he’s quite ready to potty train yet.

Another thing he’s not quite ready for is to give up his bottle. He LOVES to drink juice and water in his sippies, but the moment we put milk in there he just refuses. We even tried calling it milk-juice and thought it worked for a second, but nothing gives. He likes his milk in his bottle still.

Miggz days before he reached 21 months. Not even two and already so independent-minded. Taken on his Uncle Mike and Auntie Trish's boat, Sarasota, FL.


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