I tend to have a LOT on my mind, and that’s all I can think of when I see the word FULL.

Full of hopes and dreams for my little family, my little man.

Full of wonder at how he’s growing up so fast, literally slipping away from the grasp of my hands with each day he nears his second birthday.

Full of doubts, and questions too. Am I being a good mom? Am I doing things right? Will he grow up a good man? Am I devoting too little of myself to him because my mind is always so full?

Full of my unwritten to-do lists. Full of selfish agendas. Full of worries. Full of thoughts that may or may not concern him, but in the end circles back and affects him no matter what.

Because whether or not I want it, every single thought I have–every single hope and dream and worry and chaos that’s in my head–every one of these affect him.

So I will try to just tune out the bad.

And simply tune IN to the good, the fun, the adventurous.

The loving.

The caring.

The spontaneous.

And make my mind FULL of thoughts of the Mom I ought and want to be. For him, and me.

But for him most of all.


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