The Miggie Report: 22-23 Months / The Age of “Give Me.” and “I Found It!”

I realize I totally skipped over Month 22 (June) in my “Miggie Report” series.

Since I became a Mom my short-term memory has been WHACK (a semi-exaggeration). I know there were reasons why I missed last month’s report, and I had to look back at photos in both my iPhone and Macbook to jog my memory a bit. I realize now that it was because I was having too much fun. Granted, Miggz had some exciting toddler moments intermingled here and there, these were the reasons why I couldn’t (or didn’t) blog much last month, hence missing the Miggie Report:

– In early June I got to GET AWAY with my girlfriends for four days. We went to Cabo, Mexico…with NO hubbies and NO kids. In short, NO Mommie duties. It was AWESOME!!

– Hubby and I got to see Bruno Mars in concert!! This was our treat for our five-year (civil) wedding anniversary. It was nice. That was the perfect concert to go to…he’s such a serenader.

– I got to enjoy Pre-Fathers Day with Miggz and Daddy at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

– I got to celebrate Fathers Day with my folks and fam (and have one of my most heavenly meals) at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion (EXPENSIVE, but worth the heavenly meal);

– and finally, I got to see the Cars 2 Premiere with Miggz, his Auntie Kara, Daddy and grandparents.

So here I am, in late July, recalling the reportable Miggie details of the past two-months. All I can say is…time flies!

Time sure flies when you're having FUN!

For this post I’ve decided to combine months 22 and 23. From a mothering perspective, I can say that these months have been THE MOST FUN MONTHS yet.

Here’s why…

– Gone are the days of wobbly walks and scary first steps (and Mamma needing to be there every single step of the way to catch a fall). Miguel is wants to be in TOTAL control of his mobility now. He likes to hike up the stairs and climb playground slide steps without help (and protests much when we do). Same goes when we take walks. He hates being held now. Thus started the concept of letting go/supervising from a distance. This has been difficult for me to grasp for a long time (coming from–and living in–a house with over-protective parents), but Te makes me realize every day that Miggz has more fun when he is able to freely explore. So we let him be (as long as he’s safe). And when he’s having fun, I’m having fun as well =)

– He GETS things at first glance/try/explanation. He’s very teachable, and I LOVE that about him. Granted he forgets too…LOL, but I take that as just typical of being a BOY. You know, knowing how to do something but refusing to do it–or feigning ignorance–just to see if he can get away with it… (C’mon, Mammas. You know I’m right. And fellas, don’t even protest…)

– He can not only HOLD a conversation now, but also purposely amuse. The process of deciphering some of the things he’s trying to say is quite entertaining to me. Like there was one time he kept saying “eee-shes, eee-shes.” Took me mightily forever to figure out all he was trying to say was DEL-ICIOUS. Lol! I also love it when he hides something on purpose, only to come back seconds later and proclaim, “I found it!!” 

– He ASKS for what he wants, which is far better than us trying to FIGURE OUT what he wants. This allows for less-frustrating parenting–but also has a downside…you know, when he asks for something we CAN’T give him. His personal favorite to say lately is, “Giv-me. Giv-me.” Anything. Everything. Spoons. Forks. Chopsticks. The boy wants to do things for himself. I love that he’s on his way to independence at a tender age of (almost) two.

He didn't want us to help him with the chopsticks... he learned to eat sushi by himself!

– He has a longer attention span now. He’s at that stage now where he can be kept busy for reasonable amounts of time either watching his favorite video, playing an educational app, or doodling. This means we are able to have little blocks of time here and there–for as long as he’s entertained–to do our own stuff (whip up some breakfast, pay bills, blog). I love that he LOVES to sit and draw. We’ve started buying him some Color Wonder markers and paper for whenever his artistic side fancies coming up with a new masterpiece.

Like this one…

I have a budding artist at home. This is one of his first frame-worthy masterpieces. Miggz and I sat down together while I helped him trace the car shapes in this drawing.

22-23 MONTHS: His current faves…

Food/Drinks: apple juice, chicken, strawberry (STILL a fave!)

Pasttime: swimming (in pool OR tub)

Apps: (YES…he has favorite iPhone/Droid APPS!!) Talking Roby, Street Racing, and (this one’s my fave for him too) Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

TV Show: Wow Wow Wubzy on Nick Jr.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jen
    Jul 23, 2011 @ 02:23:24

    That’s so great that he likes to explore and use his own chopsticks! hehehe. I love that photo.
    I know what you mean about letting go off on his own type of thing. Right now I’m torn between wanting her to walk because it’s a milestone and not wanting her to walk yet because that means she’ll soon be off on her own. 😦 Yet I’m sure there will be more moments like this one for us mothers.


    • newmamma
      Jul 23, 2011 @ 12:24:56

      Hehehe…I just HAD to post the chopsticks shots!!!

      I hear ya about the letting go part! We were definitely like that too when Miggz was at that stage. We were like, WHEN is he going to walk already?!!?! In a matter of less than a year he doesn’t even want us to hold his hands anymore…

  2. Anonymous
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 08:25:04

    Good job Kaye and Terrence,you’re bless with very smart kid,i don’t even know how to use chopsticks.he’s very observant then he’s exploring his talent doing his own thing his way. .Very creative. See now he can walk run and does his thing amazing. You will be surprise pretty soon he will be in school then you will miss him.time goes so past then you feel it’s very hard to let go.


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