Ode to Apt. 3217

It’s hard to believe that exactly one year ago, we were gearing up to make our BIG move from New Jersey to Arizona. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do…a plan that has been in the back of our minds since we together set foot in this grand state back in 2004. We would make trips to Arizona every year since then, just missing 2008 (when family came to visit us instead) and 2009 (the year Miggz was born). Each time we visited we made a promise to eventually relocate (we just didn’t know if and when). Then came 2010…

I’ve always wanted to be able to remember the place we left–Apt. 3217 in North Brunswick. It’s a place that holds many special memories for us. Technically this was not the first apartment we had lived in together (that accolade goes to the Rahway apartment, which we vacated for this place just before we got married in 2006). Still we consider Apt. 3217 our first place together. It’s a place we had found on our own, one that we furnished with love, and made a humble home of for a good four years.

It was our first place as husband and wife.

It was the place we came home to after many a trip: our honeymoon in Sedona, mini-getaways in Miami and Vegas (just because we could), annual visits to Sarasota that always occurred in May.

It was the place that welcomed us back from weekend trips to the shore. Or Monmouth Park. Or Atlantic City.

It had the honor of hosting delicious Thanksgiving dinners (for two, or ten), a fresh pine for a Christmas Tree every year, and even one really crowded Secret Santa Party.

It even opened its doors to us ever-so-warmly after we ditched it for many trips to The City. To Broadway and Chinatown. To the museums, the grubs and the clubs (ok..maybe the clubs were more from earlier years, and the welcoming rights belonged more to Rahway).

But most important of all–and it holds a special place in my heart precisely for this:

It was the place where we started our family.

Apt. 3217 had the pleasure and the honor of welcoming this little one…

Miguel's first night at home.

It was the place where his Dad built his crib, long before he was scheduled to come home.

A mini-crib in the making...

It was a place where he didn’t have a room of his own. Instead he had a wall all to himself.

Miguel's wall.

A baby in slumber, by the safety of his wall.

It was a place where onesies rested in bins, not in closets, and co-existed harmoniously with other baby clothes and baby books and baby toys.


It was the place where–outside of the hospital–he first felt safe.

With Mommie and Lola Tess...

It was where he first took over our bed.

And where he had a hundred other FIRSTS…

First tooth and giggle, first crawl, first cruising steps.

First Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

First snow day.

We may have bid it good-bye forever last year…but we’ll surely never forget Apt. 3217 as Miguel’s first home.

Our first home.

Here are some photos that chronicle our move…

Miguel inside our apartment of boxes...

Moving truck outside 3217.

Baby on top of boxes. He had no idea we were leaving his first home.

The front grounds to our apartment, where we first introduced Miggz to snow.

Apt. 3217...THANKS for the GREAT MEMORIES!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jen
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 20:44:16

    We miss 3217 too. That apartment had great parking.


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