Sniffle Tools

Miggz has had the sniffles these past two days. Poor boy. He’s got a runny nose and fluctuating (but thankfully) low-grade temperature. Te and I have been able to keep him comfortable and mostly asleep through most of yesterday, though every time he starts feeling even a teeny bit better he gets a little jolt of energy and just starts being his usual self again.

I don’t know how Te and I could have survived the past two years without the following two tools, which we continue to use today whenever Miggz gets sick…

The Graco Bebesounds NasalClear Nasal Aspirator (Babies R’ Us, $20). This thing has got to be the best invention out there in the world of nasal aspirators. First of all, it’s battery-operated, so it’s already a million steps ahead of those aspirator bulbs they give away at the hospital or at your baby shower. Those bulbs simply take too much effort when suctioning out baby snot because most of them don’t fit tiny baby noses. What drew Te and I to this product is the fact that it had two attachments, one of them a normal-size aspirator head and the other a much smaller, skinnier head, and that is actually all we’ve used. The size of the smaller head fits comfortably into a baby’s nose, allowing for much easier, safer suctioning. The fact that it’s battery-operated makes things a LOT quicker, which always is a good thing for a parent’s sanity and a baby’s comfort level.

My one gripe about this product–because it’s mechanical–is the sound. It emits a whirring sound, so if a baby is fussy about sounds this may not work. The Graco Bebesounds model compensates for that by actually having the ability to play 12 different tunes to help distract baby while in use.

A NewMamma's best friend...the Graco Bebesounds Nasal Aspirator

A few other points about this product…

– I like that the aspirator head and the container components are washable, which means you can easily clean and dry them after each use.

– When needed, I use this product in conjunction with some Little Noses Saline Drops for Dry/Stuffy Noses. This saline drops safely softens dry stuff in baby’s noses, making suctioning more possible and productive.

When he was littler, Miguel didn’t mind us much using this on him (probably because he can’t protest much…LOL). There were days when I actually thought that he liked it. Now that he’s bigger, he hates it a LOT when we try to get in his nose. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. It still works for us. Definitely much, much easier than the aspirator bulbs.

Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer (Babies R’ Us, $50). We have every kind of thermometer known to man. Before we received this as a gift from my aunt, we used an ear thermometer a lot…it’s just way easier to use than the underarm kind, even if the underarm one was digital. The underarm thermometer is just so hard to keep in place long enough to get a proper reading (not really a problem if your baby stays still…mine doesn’t). The ear thermometer was fairly easy to use too, but for some reason the one we owned always seemed to give an inaccurate reading. I never quite trusted it. So comes this one–the temporal artery kind. It’s great…you simply remove the cover, turn it on, and swipe it across the forehead to get a reading. The best part is you don’t have to wake a baby up just to get a temperature. I know I can trust the reading too because it’s the same one they use at the hospital/doctor’s office. With this kind you don’t have to worry about a squirmy, wriggly toddler refusing to take his or her temperature taken. The process takes seconds and you’re done.

The temporal artery thermometer should be in every NewMamma's arsenal of baby items.

The temporal artery thermometer gets high marks for ease of use and accuracy. The only con for me would be the price, so we are glad we got it as a gift.

I am glad we have the above items to get us through days when Miguel is sick. Sick days are hard enough, especially with a baby/toddler. The tools you use should make things as easy and comfortable as possible for both you and the baby.


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  1. Jen
    Aug 17, 2011 @ 00:41:50

    I just saw a craigslist posting for a forehead thermometer for $20. I’m going to ask if it’s this brand! 🙂


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