Getting High Off the Cool Weather

Living in Arizona (at least, in the East Valley parts) means there is only so much cold weather you can enjoy–and endure–during the year.

For me, enjoying the weather during this time of the year would mean basking in the cool warmth of sunshine temperatures in the daytime ranging from the low-60’s to the upper 70’s. The Weather Channel says we would get that perfection come tomorrow (and the day after that, and then after, and then after…)

The past four days, however, have been more endurable than enjoyable, with clouds over our heads, and daytime temperatures only reaching the mid-50’s.

That’s COLD for Arizonans!

And it’s definitely COLD for me!!!

I like warmth, being under the covers, and snuggling in layers and layers of blankets and throws.

This is a sticky point for my husband and I, because for someone who self-proclaims as loving the Arizona HEAT, I think he indulges a little too much in the abnormal coolness of this weather. He tries to get away with going out in shorts, and–this I will never get–opens half the windows in the house so he can let the cool air in.

“It feels GREAT!”, he says.

Of course, I roll my eyes at him and blatantly protest.

“It’s TOO COLD!!!”, I say, and ask him to close back the windows.

He protests back. And brings our son into it.

Miggz, after all, takes after him body-temperature-wise. The little one profusely sweats when bundled up, and even in 60’s weather, we have to turn the fans on in the bedroom, lest risk waking up to a head-soaked pillow come morning’s time.

I make sure the boy has long-sleeves shirt, sweat pants, and socks on INSIDE the house. I see eyes roll at me from the man.

I give up on this battle and go upstairs to our room, light some candles–for the sheer enjoyment of heat given off, and, okay, the aromatherapy–put on a warm sweater, and go partly under the covers with book on hand, determined to study.

I quickly lose the motivation and blow out the candles.

I fall asleep instead.

The boys come up a couple of hours later and snuggle up to me. They linger for a few moments and bask in the heat-infused comfort that is our bed. I savor in the quiet moment and enjoy their cool embrace. I kiss the little one, and I hold the big one’s hand.

And then the little boy decides it’s time to play hide-and-seek under the pillows, and the energy that is his little body rocks the entire bed awake.

The window-opening. The protesting. The eye-rolling. I know all is forgiven.

I then go downstairs to a warm house, candles lit in the kitchen for the sheer enjoyment of heat given off, and, okay, the aromatherapy.

This is how I get high off this cool weather.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jen
    Nov 07, 2011 @ 22:44:03

    Cute post! You get that much warmth of candles? 🙂


    • NewMamma
      Nov 08, 2011 @ 23:44:32

      Lol…it’s more like ambient heat, but the home thermostat is off and we don’t have any space heaters, so the heat from the candles… (kahit “feeling” of heat lang)…good enough!

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