Travel Log: Bohol / It’s more FUN in the Philippines!

It’s hard to believe that exactly this time last year, my family and I were enjoying the last few moments of our Boracay-Cebu-Bohol adventure. I know because my iPhoto dates for those pictures, specifically Bohol, were January 8-11, 2011.

It feels like we had that vacation ages ago. I cringe at the thought of how long it will take for us to revisit those places again.

The website It’s More Fun in the–and its respective other avenues on Facebook and Twitter (#morefuninthephilippines)–is going viral and is brimming with photos from Filipinos all over (and albeit non-Filipinos as well) contributing their own snapshots and tweets with the tagline of how “__________. is ‘More fun in the Philippines.’ ” You’re sure to love a lot of the contributions people have posted.

Which brings me to my own contribution…

Motherhood. More fun in the Philippines.

My husband snapped this photo while Miguel and I were playing on the beach after a busy day of exploring Bohol. We visited a Tarsier sanctuary, went to see the Chocolate Hills, had lunch on a river cruise along Loboc River, visited Baclayon Church, stopped to see the Blood Compact monument between Legazpi and Sikatuna in Tagbilaran, went to Assumption Parish to see a miraculous well in Dauis, and lastly, stopped by a sanctuary where they housed the largest python in the Philippines (I cringe again at this…I do not like snakes, but Terrence insisted we include this in the tour itinerary). It was indeed a busy day! We were lucky to have had a really nice man (Mang Maeng) as our driver.

There were not too many people on the beach (as you can see). The water was calm and this, coupled with the sunset, provided the perfect winding down activity for us and our then little one, and the perfect backdrop for this shot (and many other photos in our library).

So, what do you think? Is Motherhood more FUN in the Philippines?


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