The Tedious Task of Archiving Photos and Videos from Your Child’s First Year

Yup. We’re reached that point. The point of having to archive/offload photos and videos from our hard drive simply because we’ve run out of space. I routinely do this every time the free space on our three four-year-old MacBook Pro reaches less than five gigabytes.

I know that’s probably cutting it close for some, but in my case, I guess it’s better done late than not at all. I learned my lesson when, once while I was pregnant (or it may have been shortly after giving birth), our MBP just completely conked out on us. Thank goodness for routine back-ups, we were able to recover everything. But the whole conk out reason was that there had been less than one gig (ONE gig!!!) left in there. We had been busy uploading a lot of photos and videos of the little one (I guess this happened AFTER I gave birth…)

So something else conked out this time on us, which prompted the whole archiving process to begin with. My time machine disk has run out of space. I guess that is not bad considering there’s two years worth of back-ups in there (plus back-ups of the OLD system, so it’s really 2+ years). While it’s not completely broken per se, it’s pretty much useless right now (I have not backed up since after uploading the holiday photos of 2011…eeek!)

I will inevitably deal with freeing up space on the TM, but for now, I’ve decided to free up space in our actual hard drive. Up until this point, I’ve left all of 2009’s pics (and a few of my favorite vids) in there…mostly pregnancy pics, pre-baby moments, and of course, pretty much our son’s first four months of life captured digitally for our continuous ogling.

That is, until now.

As I looked back on those pics and vids, I could not help but feel almost melancholic at those moments, refusing to archive but for the sole reason that is necessity. I like looking back at those pics. I WOULD leave them all in there if I could…

But sadly, I can’t.

Instead, I’ve resorted to transferring ALL but a dozen of my favorite photo albums from 2009, leaving around 20 or less photos in each…STRICTLY just my favorites! That’s a HUGE task of narrowing down 100+ photo albums just for that year, not to mention the hundreds more photos in each album.

Have I mentioned that this task was TEDIOUS???!?!

Here is one of my favorite videos of the little one from 2009. He was only four months old here…always been a lively child and a late sleeper. I used to fight it…constantly getting frustrated at how late he naps/sleeps. But I’ve learned to love and deal, for despite what many would consider an “unconventional” sleep schedule for a child, he sleeps straight and soundly for 8-12 hours at night, wakes up refreshed and in good spirits, and still squeezes in straight 2-3 hour naps in the day, no matter how late. It works for our family situation right now, so no more complaints.

Enjoy the video…

From the Video Archives: Miguel at Four Months


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  1. Jen
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 20:45:34

    That is tedious to look through and only pick out a few photos.
    I store all my photos/videos on my hard drive now. I just feel like my macbook is too old because it slows down the performance.


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