The Inherent Value in Pinterest

Raise your hand if you can relate to any one or more of the following scenarios:

– You’ve put buying a house–your dream house–on hold.
– You’re waiting to have another baby (or considering having your first one in the near or distant future).
– You’ve learned to curb your lavish expenses and make do with modest lifestyle changes.
– You are putting off financial splurges like grand vacations, big parties, and expensive home remodels.
– You’ve pushed that pause button on your career and decided to concentrate on other pursuits (finding yourself/becoming a mom/starting up your own business, etc.)

If you’re me, you’re likely to relate to most (if not all) of the above. You might say that it all comes with being a mom–and that is true to some extent. But I can bet the above apply to a larger portion of the population these days, whether mom or not.

The thing is, in the current state of our economy, most of us average folk are in this frame of mind right now.

The dream state.

The non-splurge state.

The state of modesty.

Enter Pinterest, a social networking site that allows you to “grab” images from the web and within other user boards and “pin” or “repin” them onto your own self-created vision boards.

It’s pretty amazing what you see on Pinterest…all the beautiful, interesting, crafty, creative, delicious, monumental, massive, and smart photos users have gathered and pinned. They are ideas of–and inspiration for–anything and everything you can think of: dream home spaces, stylish outfits, travel destinations, thoughtful quotes, beautiful people, life events grand and small, etc., …each photo a possible inspiration to your own vision.

It is perfect for the now most of us are in. The now when we are planning, rebuilding, restrengthening. The now when we can benefit from the most inspiration and vision.

The now when–one can hope–we are working happily and not wearily in achieving that vision.

Whether it be for a dream home, dream trip, dream job, dream wedding, dream outfit for the evening, dream room for the baby, dream office, dream every day reality.

Vision is everything.

Have you pinned lately?

My virtual vision board on Pinterest.

A few of the images I've pinned onto my vision board.

So true! Photo credit:


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