Apple Absorption

We are a tech-using, tech-absorbing family. Aside from my husband’s quick stint with an Android tablet (we still have it, but it rarely gets used), we are all about Apple products.

Here’s a peek into what my hubby and son were doing as I watched the Oscars…

Dad is on his iPhone while Miggz is on my iPad. I try not to get him so used to handling the iPad. If I do let him, it’s usually when I read him a story (there are some great–and FREE–kid-friendly stories on the iBooks app). A few of our mother-son bonding moments have been over an iBook (though I prefer–and am glad he does too–his traditional board books over the electronic ones).

In this instance, Dad gave him the iPad to watch some cartoons on YouTube.

How often do you let your kids use technology at home?


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  1. Anonymous
    Feb 26, 2012 @ 22:57:50

    hehehe… hello Apple family…
    awww come on… support Google products!!! hahaha…


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