Girls Hangout

Girls Hangout

Every few weeks my girlfriends (from Jersey and one who moved to Cali) and I hangout via video chat on Google+

It’s an awesome time always. It gives us a chance to reconnect and see what’s going on with each other’s lives despite the distance (and time difference!).

At times we also get to see each other’s babies! That is Izzie with her Mom in the main frame. As you can see, we are all sporting out “cat masks”…a feature we just discovered in the chat window.

We also discovered we can use the Google+ app on our phones to “hangout”. Now we can literally be anywhere, any time, any place and still be connected–provided we have a good wi-fi connection.

How often do you reconnect with distant friends?

What apps/tools do you use?

Does anyone still use the phone these days? LOL.



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