Hobby Lobby

My hubby and I chanced upon this store over the weekend while out getting garden supplies.

It’s a place called Hobby Lobby…it’s a “Homegoods meets Michael’s” type of place. As its name suggests, they sell anything and everything you can think of that hobbyists do: home decorating (my hobby), scrapbooking (I do a little of that, too!), sewing (I wish!), and all sorts of arts and crafts.

I was surprised by the amount of home decor items that they had. I mean, they literally had rows and rows and rows of shelves with every home decor theme you can think of.

I wish I took pics, but we had Miggz with us and he was getting antsy in the shopping cart, and we had to keep him away from all the goodies to be ogled and touched–I have to admit, I was getting excited myself!

In one area, they had items for cowboy, race car, fire engine, Route 66, Americana, baseball, and other themed rooms! This is a baby room designer’s mecca! You can easily get carried away and pick up decorative items that will fit your theme.

Of course they had a safari themed area! It had animals, African masks, just gorgeous stuff! A bit pricey, but cheaper than you would get at name brand shops like Pottery Barn Kids.

The day that we came, Hobby Lobby was doing a half-off sale on all metal and wood decorative items (including all free-standing decor and wall art!) Naturally, I had to pick up something for Miguel’s safari room.

After many moments of ogling, we decided to give this little giraffe a home…

[Clock-wise from top right] The giraffe is actually made of resin, not wood, but the clerk was nice enough and gave us half off anyway, talk about meant to be ours! | I LOVE the little cologne bottles. They are from Bench (a popular brand store of trendy clothes in the Philippines). | The top of Miguel’s storage drawers. The giraffe completes the look, don’t you think? | And his “explore” garland that I made. I relocated it from its original hanging place by the window…with the blinds and valance I thought it was just too much. It is now hanging by his closet doors, which I think is perfect.

Like many of my projects, Miguel’s room is a “work-in-progress.” It grows with him.

Just recently I finally put away his changing pad, which we haven’t used in ages.

[Below] This is now the once changing area…those DIY storage box and tray now have a home. Also seen here is the framed printable I got from Pinterest, and those plain storage boxes that I made “un-boring” by adding a little safari flair.

How do you keep your little one’s room growing with your child?


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