One CRAZY Month!

I’m back from more than a month of (unintentional) hiatus.

May has been one heck of a month for this Mamma. Well, April into May, actually, but I still managed to blog in April whereas this month has just been bananas…resulting in no blog post at all, save for this one =)

Let me start off by saying in April I finally took a dive from being a full-time at-home Mom to an official work-at-home Mom (!!) In April, I started not one, but TWO independent contractor work (more details on those in future blog posts).

Mid-May has been a busy travel month for us as we visited the East Coast once again. Our travels (with Miggz of course!) took us into Washington, D.C./Virginia for a dear couple friends’ wedding, and then New Jersey with some quick stops in NYC and Philadelphia in between (again…more details on these–and PICS–in future blog posts).

Memorial weekend has been eventful, with Miguel’s first ER visit. Thank God it was just a visit and not a stay…

Miggz had a sudden spike in fever the Friday before Memorial Day, which lasted until Sunday. The poor guy had steady 103 fever the whole time!! It only dropped one or two degrees for a little bit Saturday with some intense sponge bathing and acetaminophen, but when Sunday morning came and his fever went up to 104, we decided it was time for the ER.

They gave Miggz IV fluids there and also took some tests. All came out normal, and we were sent home same day. Sunday afternoon, his fever was gone, but Monday into Tuesday was just all out crankiness. We just knew he still wasn’t himself. Only when we took him to his doc for a follow-up visit on Tuesday that we found out he has roseola. He is fine now (except for some irritability, which gives us a sense he’s still not completely better). There is no specific treatment for roseola. It usually gets better on its own without complications and medication (thank GOD–because Miggz is one tough kid to give medication to!). For more information on roseola, in case your child exhibits similar symptoms, click here.

So this has been my April-into-May adventure. It’s so far been exciting (EXCEPT for the ER part). Lots of changes and adjustments, and lots of new lessons too.

It’s kinda been like that thing called MOTHERHOOD.

I guess once you become one, it just keeps on building up from there.

So raise your heads up high, Mammas! New Mammas. Veteran Mammas. You all deserve a break for all the hard work, whether it’s at home, outside of the home, or in the home as a full-time Mom.

Motherhood does not stop when you clock in to work. It does not pause, even when you are at your busiest.

Motherhood is for life.


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