Potty Training Triumphs and Woes

Four weeks until he turns three, and I can safely say Miggz is finally, FINALLY potty-trained.

That’s right, folks. Trained, with an “ED” !!!

We started potty training Miggz right around two years old.

Or, rather, attempted to.

Let me just say that there were probably signs–many signs–he wasn’t ready. But I was stubborn and had my mind set on doing this. And frankly, at that time, I was partly freaking out and feeling the pressure. He was past 24 months old and still not potty trained.

Words of other mommies and daddies haunted me at night.

Words that went like this… “Our son was out of diapers at nineteen months.” And “Wow, he’s still in diapers?!??!”

Looking back now, it was all so wrong and unfair that I allowed myself to be influenced by parenting peer pressure. Not to mention all those baby guides/development timelines. I mean, those can REALLY mess you up!! I know what those did to me (it made me an OCD mom, which is really NOT what I wanted to be). When Miggz was halfway past two, I decided to throw all those guides out the window. I unsubscribed myself from Babycenter, Pampers, Gerber, Parenting, etc, etc and just let things be. Not that those parenting newsletters are bad. They just became too “dictating” to my mothering that I forgot to just be a Mom.

Anyway, we finally went in full force potty training with Miggz back in June, when I said to my hubby I’ve cut off our monthly diaper and wipes subscription. We used the “no underpants” technique during the day and just diapered Miggz at night. We also used the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair and the Prince Lionheart Gray weePOD. Both proved very useful and effective for us in potty training Miggz.

The Wee POD. What a lifesaver.

While peeing was less of a challenge, training Miggz to go “number two” was just downright traumatizing!! I mean, you really have to “make peace with poo” and expect to see, touch, and smell it UP CLOSE and PERSONAL for at least a good two weeks.

Because accidents WILL happen.

I applaud–and frankly am quite jealous of–parents who are able to brilliantly potty train their kids in a matter of days or a couple of weeks.

I do, I really do.

But I wish they’d stop bragging and expect the rest of parent-dom to be able to do it, too. Every child/parent/household situation is different. And so every potty training situation will be different (the same thing applies with sleep training, co-sleeping, disciplining, the list goes on…)

For the rest of us “normal” ones…I urge you to just hang in there! Keep your patience and composure, and IT will happen! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and your kid will eventually get it.

For me, for the past few weeks, no words sounded sweeter coming from Miggz than “I gotta go pee.” and “I gotta go poo.”

And of course, there are other things that come with potty training too. Things that I call, bathroom etiquette or bathroom manners. You know, things like learning to flush, washing of hands properly, and making sure the toilet and the sink areas are clean, presentable and ready for the bathroom’s next user…all are important aspects of potty training that I think a child needs to learn.

Now, even though it only happened a few weeks ago, I feel like the dreadful days of potty training are long behind us. On July 5th, we managed to go out in public without Miggz wearing any Pull-ups (just regular underwear and shorts), and he successfully used a public restroom for the first time!! (SUCH a PROUD moment for Mommie).

At home, when I bring Miggz into the bathroom to go poo, he even asks me to get out. His words, to be exact, are “Get out, get out, Mommie.” Every time he does this–I know this is going to sound weird–but I can’t help but feel a tinge of sadness.

My baby boy is growing up.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. 2five2life
    Jul 22, 2012 @ 07:28:19

    I’m starting to go though this craziness, my son just turned 18 months. My mother has been on me about potty training long before this point. Glad u made it on one piece!


  2. Jen
    Jul 22, 2012 @ 17:08:51

    Congratulations! I like the part where the sweetest words are “I gotta pee or I gotta poo.” 🙂


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