Revisiting Sedona

Terrence and I decided to revisit Sedona for our five-year wedding anniversary. It was nice to return to this beautiful and peaceful place–the site of our honeymoon. We went here for three days after our wedding, where we relaxed and rejuvenated at The Enchantment Resort, toured Sedona’s quaint little town, rode the trolley, stopped at the Chapel of the Holy Cross, and saw its magnificent Red Rocks from a helicopter.

This year, on our return, we had Miggz in tow for our day trip. My mom also came along. It was a short and sweet stop compared to the three days we had for our honeymoon. But aside from what seemed like an endless number of roundabouts they added to this whole town, nothing’s changed. Sedona is just one of those places that leaves you BREATHLESS.

We decided to stop by the Chapel first. You park at the foot of a hill and climb to the chapel site up a ramp.

Even at the parking lot, the views everywhere are already postcard-perfect…

Good thing I decided to bring flat footwear…the short hike to the chapel is a work-out! And try pushing a stroller up the hill and on the ramp!

This is Miggz and Daddy walking up the ramp…

It was hard to get a decent photo of–and with–Miggz. He just wanted to run around and explore.

These are a couple of good ones…

Inside the chapel…

And outside…

Miggz and Daddy

My Mom and I

Terrence and I

After the chapel we headed to Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village. Miggz decided to nap during the entire two-and-a-half hours we were here!

I had mixed feelings about this nap.

On one hand, Miggz sure missed out on–and would have gone bananas for–the little village’s number of fountains and archways (or “tunnels” as he would refer to them). JUST for these, a return trip with him is in order…

On the other hand–with Grandma with us to watch Miguel while he naps–Terrence and I had free rein to explore this photographer’s dream of a place, like honeymooners on a date.

So my husband did what he does best when not distracted by the bundle of joy and energy that is our child–appreciate the beauty of faith, hope, and love that is his wife.

Truly rare is a husband who breathes joy into your every day, loves your child with every bit of life within him, and treats you like a super model (and a super mom–despite your flaws) during his every waking moment.

Such is my husband, and for him I am truly blessed.

Photography by Terrence Guerrero | Writing by K. Guerrero a.k.a. NewMamma | Copyright 2011 | All Rights Reserved

We Missed the Sun in San Diego

It was just last Thursday when we set off for San Diego to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary. We got back on Sunday night, and it feels like we JUST got back. This week definitely flew by quickly. Even though I’ve already done (and folded) the laundry from our vacation–an indication of having a lot of time on my hands–I am still left wondering where the past couple of days went.

So San Diego…where to begin. It’s one of those cities I’ve always wanted to go to, though I didn’t initially consider going there for our anniversary because I couldn’t find any great hotel deals. I initially looked into revisiting Sedona (only a two-hour drive) or possibly going somewhere in the Caribbean (I’ve been having the travel itch since we got our passports). In the end I eventually found a reasonable-priced hotel in San Diego, and just booked our trip within days of our anniv.

San Diego is a six-hour drive from us. I kept hearing only four hours from everybody, but even the GPS and Google maps estimated slightly over six hours. And if you’re a mom, especially a New Mamma, you know that estimates are really just that. Add in the rest stops for food, diaper changes, and photo ops, and the six hours can easily turn to eight. Thankfully, it didn’t in our case.

I made sure I prepared enough things to keep Miggz entertained (or asleep) during the drive. I brought along two of his Matchbox cars, two little Tonka trucks (he picked out which two specific trucks to bring), and two stuffed toys–the puppies Beagle and Benjamin–which he loves to cuddle and easily falls asleep with during car rides, as we’ve discovered. I also packed his favorite snacks, or mum-mums (Gerber’s Strawberry-Apple and Banana Puffs, as well as some of their Mild Cheddar munchies). I also brought along one of his baby pillows. It’s amazing how someone so little can need so many items on a road trip. All of them came in handy during the ride, and I was able to rotate the cars, trucks, and puppies maybe three or four times with Miggz (he’s very easily entertained) before we resorted to some iPhone baby apps, making silly sounds, and sawsaw-suka.

The trip to San Diego was interesting. I wish Miggz saw all the varied grades of terrain that we passed: deserts, farms, rocky mountainsides, even sand dunes. He mostly slept, snacked, and peed. It was also really sunny for the most part, except when we finally got to the San Diego area: it was so foggy.

Our next couple of days in San Diego didn’t get better weather-wise. The sun hardly peeked, and the clouds overhead threatened drizzling every so often. Thankfully it mostly stayed dry until our last day.

We made the most out of our trip. We went to Balboa Park (easily one of my new favorite places to be in…will definitely go back once Miggz is able to enjoy and appreciate the museums), Coronado Island, and Seaport Village. We wanted to stop by the beach too, but it was cold. We didn’t do any of the major San Diego attractions (the Zoo, Legoland, SeaWorld) for the same reason we didn’t go into the museums. We mostly really just wanted to sightsee and relax, with the intention of coming back when Miggz is old enough to ride in theme park rides and watch Shamu. Miggz did get to ride the historic carousel in Seaport Village, and he got to enjoy a nice Gondola ride with me and Te on our anniversary night.

Why take Miggz on an anniversary trip, you ask? Simple. It would just not be complete without him.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from our trip:

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October is Here!!!

This is definitely my favorite month.

Of course I’m a little biased because October is the month of my birthday — and when we celebrate our wedding anniversary — so it’s made even more special by those. But there are lots of things great about this month besides the day of my birth and the day my hubby and I said “I do’s.”

For one, it’s Autumn (my fave season) at its finest. Beautiful leaves, cool crisp air, the promise of boot-wearing season. Granted I am missing my East Coast autumns from time to time, I’ve learned from quite a few locals that it officially cools down here in Arizona right around Halloween, which brings me something to look forward to: I can finally bring out and wear my cozy cool weather cardigans…and the crisp air is so much better to cuddle someone with rather than the sweaty weather…yuck!

My next reason for October being great is Halloween. This becomes so much more fun and exciting because of the toddler we’ve got to dress up in a costume. I am sure he will look the absolute cutest in anything.

And then there’s My Birthday. I am excited to see what my hubby has in store…I’ve dropped hints to my husband the past year that I no longer want to add to my 15+ Coach purse collection (been Coach-free for a year!) I am moving up to LV or Gucci please…

And our 4th Year Wedding Anniversary is coming!!! I’ve been contemplating revisiting Sedona for our anniv, or maybe going to San Fran or Riviera Maya…stay tuned 🙂

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