The Pumpkin Patch, Year Two

What’s an adventure day at the pumpkin patch made of?

For Miggz it meant…

– having unlimited viewing rights to the “baby chickens” while waiting for Auntie and Uncles to arrive

– being able to roll off as many (and as big) pumpkins as he can from the hay bales

– seeing Mommie rock some shorts in this sunny (and rather silly for Fall) 80-degree weather

climbing up on some hay stacks (by himself!) and getting to hang out with Auntie Anna and Joci

– showing his cousin how a farm tractor works

picking the best one-oz pumpkin from (what’s left of) this lot

NOT wanting to wait around for the hayride pick-up

(so Daddy took him and Joci to the little kids’ maze while we waited)

– getting on the (super ghetto) hayride with the best people in the world

NOT remembering about the super-ghetto part

– being able to run free and go through “tunnels” (when he could barely run on his own last year!)

– and finally, coming home to Gramma’s AWESOME-as-always cooking

It was a good day.

It was a good day, indeed.


Falling for Fall

Being a Mom makes you fall in love with all sorts of things you’d never think you’d fall for.

His incessant giggles. Phineas & Ferb. The monkey boots he refuses to take off. Peppa Pig. The smell of his un-bathed head.

You get the idea.

Here’s one of those things–it came on TV as my son was watching some Nick Jr. and it instantly found a little place in my heart. It’s a song about my favorite season, sung by Moose A. Moose & Zee.

Words that are simply too cute, from

Who would have thought???

Update (October 11, 2011, 7:05 AM):

I figured it would help to have to have a clip of this song along with this post. As it turns out, it’s on YouTube. Enjoy!

October is Here!!!

This is definitely my favorite month.

Of course I’m a little biased because October is the month of my birthday — and when we celebrate our wedding anniversary — so it’s made even more special by those. But there are lots of things great about this month besides the day of my birth and the day my hubby and I said “I do’s.”

For one, it’s Autumn (my fave season) at its finest. Beautiful leaves, cool crisp air, the promise of boot-wearing season. Granted I am missing my East Coast autumns from time to time, I’ve learned from quite a few locals that it officially cools down here in Arizona right around Halloween, which brings me something to look forward to: I can finally bring out and wear my cozy cool weather cardigans…and the crisp air is so much better to cuddle someone with rather than the sweaty weather…yuck!

My next reason for October being great is Halloween. This becomes so much more fun and exciting because of the toddler we’ve got to dress up in a costume. I am sure he will look the absolute cutest in anything.

And then there’s My Birthday. I am excited to see what my hubby has in store…I’ve dropped hints to my husband the past year that I no longer want to add to my 15+ Coach purse collection (been Coach-free for a year!) I am moving up to LV or Gucci please…

And our 4th Year Wedding Anniversary is coming!!! I’ve been contemplating revisiting Sedona for our anniv, or maybe going to San Fran or Riviera Maya…stay tuned 🙂

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