Capes, Crocs, and “Lottytops”

Things I want to remember from this past Halloween:

How this boy REFUSED to wear his costume with every ounce of his might…

How his UBER-patient Dad got him to wear said costume in every way I couldn’t…

How he was ALL SMILES and nothing else once he was Batman…

How he did not take from the candy pile that was reserved for trick-or-treaters. How he did not care much for trick-or-treating and was completely satisfied with staying in his stroller and letting Mommy and Daddy do all the hard work of procuring sweet treats. How he just loved, LOVED, loved nothing else but the “lottytops” (lollipops), leaving all the–unbeknownst to him–better candy to Mommy and Daddy (yeah!)

How he brings so much joy to this family just by being his usual charming, goofy, showstoppingly sweet and funny self.

Miggz and Lolo (Grandpa) being silly.

How there are moments of ups and downs–at Halloween and any other given day–but what’s important is how you handle the downs, and how you manage to soar through the ups…

With ever-giving patience, unending humility, and a steady self-control.

Yep…that’s all I want to remember from this past Halloween.

That, and these photos from his Daddy’s mobile phone…


October is Here!!!

This is definitely my favorite month.

Of course I’m a little biased because October is the month of my birthday — and when we celebrate our wedding anniversary — so it’s made even more special by those. But there are lots of things great about this month besides the day of my birth and the day my hubby and I said “I do’s.”

For one, it’s Autumn (my fave season) at its finest. Beautiful leaves, cool crisp air, the promise of boot-wearing season. Granted I am missing my East Coast autumns from time to time, I’ve learned from quite a few locals that it officially cools down here in Arizona right around Halloween, which brings me something to look forward to: I can finally bring out and wear my cozy cool weather cardigans…and the crisp air is so much better to cuddle someone with rather than the sweaty weather…yuck!

My next reason for October being great is Halloween. This becomes so much more fun and exciting because of the toddler we’ve got to dress up in a costume. I am sure he will look the absolute cutest in anything.

And then there’s My Birthday. I am excited to see what my hubby has in store…I’ve dropped hints to my husband the past year that I no longer want to add to my 15+ Coach purse collection (been Coach-free for a year!) I am moving up to LV or Gucci please…

And our 4th Year Wedding Anniversary is coming!!! I’ve been contemplating revisiting Sedona for our anniv, or maybe going to San Fran or Riviera Maya…stay tuned 🙂

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