Capes, Crocs, and “Lottytops”

Things I want to remember from this past Halloween:

How this boy REFUSED to wear his costume with every ounce of his might…

How his UBER-patient Dad got him to wear said costume in every way I couldn’t…

How he was ALL SMILES and nothing else once he was Batman…

How he did not take from the candy pile that was reserved for trick-or-treaters. How he did not care much for trick-or-treating and was completely satisfied with staying in his stroller and letting Mommy and Daddy do all the hard work of procuring sweet treats. How he just loved, LOVED, loved nothing else but the “lottytops” (lollipops), leaving all the–unbeknownst to him–better candy to Mommy and Daddy (yeah!)

How he brings so much joy to this family just by being his usual charming, goofy, showstoppingly sweet and funny self.

Miggz and Lolo (Grandpa) being silly.

How there are moments of ups and downs–at Halloween and any other given day–but what’s important is how you handle the downs, and how you manage to soar through the ups…

With ever-giving patience, unending humility, and a steady self-control.

Yep…that’s all I want to remember from this past Halloween.

That, and these photos from his Daddy’s mobile phone…


Family Feast

This was a significant Thanksgiving Day for us. For one, it was my first Thanksgiving with my family in years. Having Terrence and Miggz with me and my whole family made it that much more special. It was also our chance to celebrate a big dinner as a family because we (me and my boys) will be flying out to the Philippines in three days and won’t be back until February. In short, it was our Thanksgiving-Christmas-and-New-Year’s feast with them combined.

It was so nice to see everyone pitching in towards dinner…another first. My brother, Tedi, bought a sumptuous lump of meat that my Mom made into a delicious pot roast. My sister, Anna, brought home a ham that my Dad glazed and prepared for dinner. I made my favorite black-and-white brownies that everyone loved. My sister, Kara, helped prepare the mashed potatoes. And Te got to finally make his famous turkey that I have been bragging about for ages.

Terrence woke up early and labored for hours on that bird until it was perfect. Sure enough, the feast he cooked for us did not disappoint. My whole family raved about how delicious and yummy and memorable that turkey was (I knew they would love it!). Of course, it won’t be complete with all the sides we all prepared.

Here are some pictures from the Guerreros’ first Thanksgiving with the Mogols:

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