Up Before Eight…Good Morning!

It’s rare that I’m up this early.

Mom had Miggz last night. I don’t know how she manages, with coming home from work and needing to wake up bright and early the next day. Miguel can put anyone in a work out right before bed time (über hyper mode for hours, then crashes at about 11:30!). It was nice because I got to relax at the end of the night. She brought him in at around 6:30 a.m. (THANKS MOM!!!)

Man…I love that boy and his smile in the morning! I think it was due to the fact that every time Miguel woke up ever since he was born, we would always greet him with a nice and cheerful “Good Morning!” It’s amazing how something so little can have such an impact in one’s psyche. Imagine if someone greeted you that way, every day, every time you woke up. It’s like nothing in the day can be expected to go wrong (how can it…it’s a GOOD morning, after all!).

I love the quiet this time of the day brings. It’s so peaceful around the house. I woke up this early the other day and got so much done in the two hours before Miggz woke up.

I wish I woke up this early every day.

Oh…The Chaos!

Chaos is a word I’d like to describe our space in the house right now. “Our space,” of course, refers to our bedroom and Miguel’s room, because we are currently living at my parents’ house. I try not to spread our stuff all over the place, but being at the cusp of traveling days, I find it impossible to keep order lately.

We got back from Vegas last Sunday, and our luggage is still around. I’ve unloaded and done the laundry, but most other articles we packed for–and from–Vegas are still visible.

It drives me crazy.

I feel inefficient when I see things unorganized and not in their “proper” place. To make things worse, we are leaving for the Philippines in just a little over two weeks (Miguel’s first international trip, and our first one in fifteen years!). We’ve been buying stuff here and there for pasalubong…and they are ALL OVER THE PLACE. And I haven’t packed yet! Yikes.

Don’t get me wrong. I am excited about Philippines. I just, for some reason–probably because of said chaos–cannot bring myself to start packing. Miggz is napping right now, so I am able to steal a few minutes to blog, but in the back of my head I am actually thinking about, and probably should be, organizing. It’s the only thing that will solve my resentment towards disorder right now.

When everything’s out-of-place, I also feel like it’s affecting my mothering, like nothing I do seems to be working right. Yesterday, I had a good day. I got to fold the laundry while Miguel played, do his bottles while he napped, and got a whole bunch of other things done. Today is just a different story. I wonder if other Moms out there can relate.

Maybe I just need to re-learn to tune the chaos out?

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