Thinking Up a Transformers Birthday Party

It is late June and plans are in the works for Miguel’s 3rd Birthday Party. His current favorite is Transformers, toting along his Optimus Prime toy robot everywhere we go since we went on a trip to D.C. in May.


Miggz plays with his Transformers Optimus Prime Rescue Bot in our hotel room in Virginia.

On the way back to our hotel room after his Uncle Jomil and Auntie Stephanie’s civil wedding, Miggz has Optimus Prime again. Yes, the robot transforms from truck to robot and back. That’s why he LOVES it!!

And here, his Optimus Prime Rescue Bot even made it to one of our sightseeing stops in D.C.–the WWII Memorial.

Naturally, we are making Transformers the theme for Miguel’s 3rd Birthday, coming up in August. Thankfully, I don’t have to think much at all about it. Pinterest abounds in inspiration, as usual. Take for instance, this pinner’s “Transformers Birthday Party Ideas” board. And here is another one. Also, if you do a Google search for “transformers birthday” and look at the images that come up, you are bound to see plenty of ideas as well.

I don’t plan on going crazy and spending much–if any–for Miguel’s upcoming birthday party. But I have some DIY ideas inspired by the Pinterest boards I’ve mentioned above to hopefully make his 3rd birthday a memorable one. I showed Miggz pics of those Pinterest pinboards and his eyes already lit up! What more if he sees what I plan on creating…

Stay tuned 😉

Working Out A Work-Out Plan

I had planned on starting to work-out again beginning this month of April. Somehow it felt wrong to start working out during Holy Week, so I postponed. It would have been pointless anyway, since Easter Weekend somehow just ended up being an eating fest this year–my parents hosted a party Saturday night to celebrate their wedding anniversary, then Easter Sunday lunch with fam + another party that late afternoon/evening, not to mention all the Easter candy!!!

Working out simply would not have worked out…

But now I am getting myself worked up to work out, especially since my brother and hubby (or so he says) are planning to start their Insanity / P90X work-out regimens again. I figured, why not start with them?

Don’t get me wrong…I don’t plan on doing any extreme workouts. Thankfully, I don’t need to. Just some toning up here and there to have an ideal swimsuit shape come summer is all I want.

My biggest problem area is my tummy (I’m sure a lot of mommies can relate). I wish fat stores would go straight to my hips (wishful thinking…LOL!!!), but unfortunately, all the candy and cakes and ice cream of the past few months just have somehow gone straight to my tummy area, leaving a muffin top (!!!)

I don’t have any strict plans…just a few work-out inspirations from Pinterest.

Here are a few, I hope you find inspiration using any or all of these:

The Starter’s Exercise Plan – this is a 20-day “warm-up” work-out of sorts, something I definitely can live with…

The Starter's Exercise Plan via Pinterest from

Here’s some on How to get Killer Abs (I want!!) …another one from Pinterest, but the actual link is not working, so I am linking back to the pin instead.

And this one, to Combat those Pesky Cellulites

Combat cellulite using the "Tracy Anderson" method, from Cosmopolitan magazine, July 2011

And an image for some motivation to work out and get to your goal, also from Pinterest.

Other things I’ve used (and will probably use again) for getting toned are –

  1. Sketchers Shape-ups Shoes – not sure how effective they are, but I use mine when taking walks out with Miguel…they have a “bouncy” soft feeling when walking on street sidewalks.
  2. Zumba Fitness DVDs – a fun way to work up a sweat while grooving and dancing at the same time! Even better when you are doing it with girlfriends, sisters, aunts…even your mom!
  3. Brazil Butt Lift Workout DVDs – yes, that’s really what it’s called! I LOVE these…the work-outs from these DVDs are TIRING!! But they produce quick tone-up results.

How do you stay in shape and “not let go” of your body and beauty regimen?

Moms Inspiring Moms

I’m just about ready to tuck myself in for the night (Daddy is on tucking in duty with Miggz) when I receive a WordPress comment email from lvbaby about how my first DIY project in ages–the Pottery Barn inspired “explore” garland I made, as seen here–inspired Ms. Ali to create one of her own for her son’s 1st birthday, as seen here.

I just have to share directly what turned out of Ali’s project, which I think turned out so neat!

lvbaby's "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" banner she made for her son's 1st birthday (photos by lvbaby)

I am so glad to have inspired something for Ali’s little boy’s first birthday!!!

And her post has inspired me to think of other applications for that “explore” banner. Think birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries…what have you. Simply switch out the letters and colors (as lvbaby did for her banner) + the animal cut-outs with something else (remember, you can download various shaped fonts–dingbats–free for personal use from

It’s really a project that can be applied to pretty much anything, maybe even personalizing a child’s room.

It’s amazing how the blogosphere causes connection and inspiration among moms.

How has blogging helped you be connected as a Mom?

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