Connecting is Caring

Our church is doing an all-church study for the month of March called “Connect. Grow. Serve.” I feel compelled to share what we learned today–for the benefit of Miggz–and any of you out there who feel some kind of disconnect in their daily relationships.

Our world right now is a busy world engulfed in technology. Sometimes our best connections and relationships are made by, and through, technology. Unfortunately, though some of these connections are great…they also at times can feel empty…incomplete…superficial.

If you are in that place, I have one word for you. CARE.

You have to care enough to connect.

We are–and I’m culprit to this more than half the time–so engulfed in our own priorities, our own agendas, our own to-do lists, that we fail to connect with people.

Not just connect in a hi-hello sense. Not just connect in a “like” your Facebook post sense. Not just connect in re-Tweet sense, or repin in Pinterest sense, or respond to a text or email sense.

But really connect.

Connect in that relationship-forming, relationship-building, relationship-establishing sense.

Connecting to the people we encounter everyday. Whether they are family, friends, or co-workers. Whether they are complete strangers. Whether they are our own children.

Especially if they are our own children.

If you care enough to connect on a deeper level, you’ll be giving up your precious time and wanting to get out of your safe haven/bubble/comfort zone.

Not the easiest to do.

But if you really, really care…if you really, really want to establish/fix/develop/flourish that relationship, you will.

You should.

Connecting is caring.

Caring is connecting.

Will you connect with someone today?


Revisiting Sedona

Terrence and I decided to revisit Sedona for our five-year wedding anniversary. It was nice to return to this beautiful and peaceful place–the site of our honeymoon. We went here for three days after our wedding, where we relaxed and rejuvenated at The Enchantment Resort, toured Sedona’s quaint little town, rode the trolley, stopped at the Chapel of the Holy Cross, and saw its magnificent Red Rocks from a helicopter.

This year, on our return, we had Miggz in tow for our day trip. My mom also came along. It was a short and sweet stop compared to the three days we had for our honeymoon. But aside from what seemed like an endless number of roundabouts they added to this whole town, nothing’s changed. Sedona is just one of those places that leaves you BREATHLESS.

We decided to stop by the Chapel first. You park at the foot of a hill and climb to the chapel site up a ramp.

Even at the parking lot, the views everywhere are already postcard-perfect…

Good thing I decided to bring flat footwear…the short hike to the chapel is a work-out! And try pushing a stroller up the hill and on the ramp!

This is Miggz and Daddy walking up the ramp…

It was hard to get a decent photo of–and with–Miggz. He just wanted to run around and explore.

These are a couple of good ones…

Inside the chapel…

And outside…

Miggz and Daddy

My Mom and I

Terrence and I

After the chapel we headed to Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village. Miggz decided to nap during the entire two-and-a-half hours we were here!

I had mixed feelings about this nap.

On one hand, Miggz sure missed out on–and would have gone bananas for–the little village’s number of fountains and archways (or “tunnels” as he would refer to them). JUST for these, a return trip with him is in order…

On the other hand–with Grandma with us to watch Miguel while he naps–Terrence and I had free rein to explore this photographer’s dream of a place, like honeymooners on a date.

So my husband did what he does best when not distracted by the bundle of joy and energy that is our child–appreciate the beauty of faith, hope, and love that is his wife.

Truly rare is a husband who breathes joy into your every day, loves your child with every bit of life within him, and treats you like a super model (and a super mom–despite your flaws) during his every waking moment.

Such is my husband, and for him I am truly blessed.

Photography by Terrence Guerrero | Writing by K. Guerrero a.k.a. NewMamma | Copyright 2011 | All Rights Reserved

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