Maternity Fashion 101

I am in my 22nd week of this pregnancy, and my thoughts lately have been on maternity fashion.

My hubby has finally unearthed my box of maternity clothes from storage, and I was excited to find some old favorites…classic pieces of clothing I am happy to soon wear again. I was also horrified at some of the items I found in the box, with thoughts of “what was I thinking” floating in my head. Needless to say, I’ve tossed a few old maternity clothes into my ever-growing donate pile of other clothing items, wondering why I’ve decided to keep them in the first place.

A lot of my maternity clothes from storage were summer clothes, since I was pregnant with Miggz in the spring and summer, and only for a little bit in the winter. I was happy to find two of my maternity jeans in there though…those would definitely come in handy.

Now that I am pregnant in the winter and will be through spring, I’ve set aside my summer pregnancy clothes for later on (and even post-pregnancy), and I am now loving all the inspiration I’m finding on Pinterest for winter-appropriate maternity clothing.

This would make for a cute, casual pregnancy outfit.

This would make for a cute, casual pregnancy outfit. Source: here.

I need to get me some similar riding boots NOW! Source: here.

I need to get me some similar riding boots NOW! Source: here.

This could totally work...minus the belt and heels. Source: here.

This could totally work…minus the belt and heels. Source: here.

The great thing about being pregnant in the winter in Arizona is I don’t really need to bundle up. I just need to be warm and comfortable, and to me, that translates into a whole lot of cute!

I love this mom’s ideas for dressing the bump in the 2nd trimester…

Check out this mom's post on her site for some inspiration on dressing your bump! Source: here.

Check out this mom’s post on her site for some inspiration on dressing your bump! Source: here.

And I didn’t know Forever21 did maternity clothing, but I hope they still do. Here are some 5 under $50 ideas from the Love21 line…

Maternity clothing from Forever21! Source: here.

Maternity clothing from Forever21! Source: here.

AND for some more tips and inspiration

Check out these outfits from this Maternity Fashion Guide. Source: here.

Check out these outfits from this Maternity Fashion Guide. Source: here.

I found skinny maternity pants similar to the above from H&M…they are SO comfortable! And reasonably-priced too!! One was on sale for $10 (I know…a steal!!), and the other was $35…still cheaper than most maternity pants I’ve seen, plus you can’t go wrong with H&M!

I have also found some cute new clothes from the Gap, some maternity and non-maternity, and…all on sale! Their stuff is really comfortable too, and I recommend scouring their sale racks–or online sale links–for some appropriate maternity clothing (buy a size or two up if non-maternity, or get your regular size in maternity wear).

If you read the tips from the links I’ve posted, you’ll find that you’ll get the most bang for your buck by:

  1. only investing in a few key pieces (comfy maternity pants are a must for me in the winter);
  2. buying some non-maternity clothing in a larger size–because you’ll soon find that just because something is labeled maternity, some stores charge a fortune for them like crazy, like Motherhood Maternity!! (I’ve found some comfy leggings at Papaya for $5!! Another MUST for winter pregnancy and beyond!!); and
  3. working with clothes you already own and wear. You’ll be surprised at the new levels of cute you’ll achieve by wearing your regular clothes on your bump. I’ve found this to be true for my tanks and cardigans.

Lastly…wear your bump proud! Pregnancy curves are beautiful and should not be hidden under balloon-looking clothes (unless absolutely necessary, like in the heat of summer)! Post-pregnancy clothing and fashion is another story…those I’ve got to find a LOT of inspiration for, but I’ll worry about that later 😉

My Poor Neglegted Blog!

I know I have not been blogging, and it has been AGES!! This is certainly not what I intended for New Mamma Diaries. So many changes these past few months, including us expecting a new addition to the family come May 2013!! We’re definitely excited!

With that in mind, I do hope to be blogging again–and even back-blog on my experiences with this pregnancy…after all, that is what I created this blog for to begin with. Even now, I love looking back on my earlier posts and see some stories of Miguel in his baby years. We are in a totally new realm of adventure with him now being in preschool (expect some back-blog stories on those as well).

For now, here is a quick-shot of me in my 19th week. Nothing fancy, just a spontaneous mirror shot from my iPhone taken last week…

Excuse the background mess...this is my in my 19th week!

Excuse the background mess…this is me in my 19th week!

Remembering the Shores of Jersey

It has been over a week since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Northeast, leaving unimaginable destruction in its path. There is gas shortage, no power in most affected areas, and as I write this, another storm threatens the already damaged and vulnerable areas of the Northeast coast and its surrounding cities.

My heart still breaks, my eyes well up in tears every time I see photos and videos of Sandy’s aftermath–especially of the Jersey shores. I can’t even imagine what the people there feel, having to live through it…actually being there…seeing the mega-storm’s destruction in person.

We’ve called New Jersey our home for over 15 years, and spent many memorable moments “down the shore.” It is also home to the hardest working people I know–people who sometimes sacrifice self, home life, and family to make a more-than-comfortable living.

But as much as Jerseyans worked hard, we also played harder.

The beaches of Atlantic City, Point Pleasant, Seaside Heights, Sandy Hook, Belmar, Cape May (and many others) have provided a constant place of respite for many Jerseyans, including us. The Jersey shore–as any of the beaches are more known as–was always there for a good quick break at the end of a hectic work week (or work DAY for those lucky enough to live close by)…an ever-present escape, whether it be for a spontaneous trip or a planned mini-getaway.

Whether it’s a two-hour stop or a two-day long affair, we have spent many a good time and always left with many beautiful memories from visiting the Jersey shore. Every toe dipped in the sand, every flip-flop step on the boardwalk, every bite of funnel cake and deep-fried Oreo…each one was worth coming back to, no matter how many times we’ve gone before.

We knew the Jersey shore would always be there.

Yet now the beaches are gone. The boardwalks are now destroyed, sands have washed up to nearby beach towns. Even the amusement park rides are no more, either taken by the sea or displaced by the storm’s angry surge. The destruction is just unthinkable.

We were lucky enough to have one last quick visit to Point Pleasant Beach last May. It was cold, and we could not enjoy the water. But the atmosphere, the boardwalk, the amusement park…they were all there to welcome us–Arizona transplants deprived of beaches and authentic shore funnel cakes. Miguel had a blast at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk. Little does he know we did too! It’s a playground for all ages…with sand and sea as its backdrop, and beachy breezes providing a constant reminder that nothing but FUN is to be had at the Jersey shore.

I can’t imagine my friends’ kids growing up not having these beaches to go to. I can’t fathom the thought of no more boardwalks and beach-side fun, no more crazy drives and wild rides, no more funnel cakes and deep-fried Oreos eaten while basking in the Northeast sun.

New Jersey simply has to rebuild its beaches.

And I know Jerseyans will work HARD to do just that.


Our last trip to the Jersey shore (Point Pleasant Beach, May 2012). Miggz and Daddy enjoyed Jenkinson’s Boardwalk.

On Trend…Navy Blue!

A few things caught my eye while browsing online through the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…mostly in the hues of navy blue.

Let me tell you about online browsing through shopping sites–it is more dangerous than actual window shopping at a mall! One moment I am at, the next thing I know, I am browsing Tory Burch looking at a LOT of things I can’t afford…LOL!

But here is one thing that caught my eye…


Tory Burch Patent Double Wrap Logo Stud Bracelet ($95)

Isn’t it just GORGEOUS??!?!

It would go so well with these other key Fall arm candy pieces from Stella & Dot…


Stella & Dot Lakra Bangle ($79)


Stella & Dot Emerson Bangle ($59)

Of course, back at the site, I also eyed the Classic Navy Canvas TOMS shoes…


Because a stylish mamma needs to be comfortable! TOMS Classic Navy ($44)

Isn’t NAVY just a beautiful, classic color? It really is seasonless, but I think it’ll look especially gorgeous in the Fall.

What are your favorite online shopping sites?

What other outfit essentials do you see yourself wearing in Navy Blue?

I know one thing’s for sure…

I need to shop my closet!!

Summer Style

It is hard to believe that we are halfway past July.

For me, the calendar pages are flying and we are less than a month away from my son TURNING THREE!! We just got done with swimming lessons (his first) and are now looking into preschool.

I know. Crazy.

For those of you who can relate, I hope you are finding ways to remain stylish this summer despite the busyness and the time fastness, and everything else that comes with the territory of being a Mom, and especially a New Mamma.

I know by the time August comes, many of you just want to think up cooler weather and welcome crisp autumn air.

Trust me, I do get those thoughts, too.


But in the spirit of slowing things down, enjoying the moment, and wanting summer to last just a tad longer, here are some poolside and BBQ style inspirations to help you plan around outfits for the rest of the summer.

Courtesy of Stella & Dot.

Because the last thing a New Mamma needs is to stress her attire and accessories to wear to that next summer gathering.

And I DO firmly believe that every Mom needs to dress up every once in a while, if just for the sheer fun of it, summer or not.

Enjoy these looks…

Aren’t these all gorgeous, mom-worthy, and most of all, effortless?

And please, DO contact me if you: are curious about Stella & Dot / want to host an ONLINE trunk show (and earn FREE jewelry!!) / live in Arizona and want to host an ACTUAL trunk show (and earn free jewelry as well!!) / are interested in this amazing, uberly fun, uberly stylish opportunity in being a work-at-home entrepreneur like myself (no need to be an Arizona resident there!)…

It has seriously been SO rewarding for me that I just have to share the style and the opportunity.


Thinking Up a Transformers Birthday Party

It is late June and plans are in the works for Miguel’s 3rd Birthday Party. His current favorite is Transformers, toting along his Optimus Prime toy robot everywhere we go since we went on a trip to D.C. in May.


Miggz plays with his Transformers Optimus Prime Rescue Bot in our hotel room in Virginia.

On the way back to our hotel room after his Uncle Jomil and Auntie Stephanie’s civil wedding, Miggz has Optimus Prime again. Yes, the robot transforms from truck to robot and back. That’s why he LOVES it!!

And here, his Optimus Prime Rescue Bot even made it to one of our sightseeing stops in D.C.–the WWII Memorial.

Naturally, we are making Transformers the theme for Miguel’s 3rd Birthday, coming up in August. Thankfully, I don’t have to think much at all about it. Pinterest abounds in inspiration, as usual. Take for instance, this pinner’s “Transformers Birthday Party Ideas” board. And here is another one. Also, if you do a Google search for “transformers birthday” and look at the images that come up, you are bound to see plenty of ideas as well.

I don’t plan on going crazy and spending much–if any–for Miguel’s upcoming birthday party. But I have some DIY ideas inspired by the Pinterest boards I’ve mentioned above to hopefully make his 3rd birthday a memorable one. I showed Miggz pics of those Pinterest pinboards and his eyes already lit up! What more if he sees what I plan on creating…

Stay tuned 😉

Two Outfits, One Set of Jewelry

I just created my second look on Polyvore!

Tonight I am hoping to go out on an impromptu date with the hubby to watch Snow White and the Huntsman. I felt inspired to create these two date night looks (one dressy and one casual), featuring some pieces from my new biz as a Jewelry Enthusiast and Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot.

Don’t you just LOVE the versatility of these jewelry pieces? I am obsessed with the Mischa Necklace at the moment, and cannot wait to wear it tonight + on future impromptu dates with the hubby.

What do you think of the looks I created?

In case you’re wondering, here are the pieces I featured in the looks above.

Mischa Necklace (Limited Edition Design Studio Piece)

Nahla Earrings (Limited Edition Design Studio Piece)

Jules Ring

Devi Bangles in Gold

DO bop on over to my site at to learn more about Stella & Dot and to browse and shop their fabulous line of accessories and jewelry if you like. I hope to feature more posts about it in the future, including writing about the awesome business opportunity of being a STYLIST (for all you Mammas out there who are curious or are looking for ways to earn extra income while staying at home).

And…date night or not, I wish you all a stylish evening.

–Kaye (a.k.a. NewMamma)

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