My Poor Neglegted Blog!

I know I have not been blogging, and it has been AGES!! This is certainly not what I intended for New Mamma Diaries. So many changes these past few months, including us expecting a new addition to the family come May 2013!! We’re definitely excited!

With that in mind, I do hope to be blogging again–and even back-blog on my experiences with this pregnancy…after all, that is what I created this blog for to begin with. Even now, I love looking back on my earlier posts and see some stories of Miguel in his baby years. We are in a totally new realm of adventure with him now being in preschool (expect some back-blog stories on those as well).

For now, here is a quick-shot of me in my 19th week. Nothing fancy, just a spontaneous mirror shot from my iPhone taken last week…

Excuse the background mess...this is my in my 19th week!

Excuse the background mess…this is me in my 19th week!


Moms Inspiring Moms

I’m just about ready to tuck myself in for the night (Daddy is on tucking in duty with Miggz) when I receive a WordPress comment email from lvbaby about how my first DIY project in ages–the Pottery Barn inspired “explore” garland I made, as seen here–inspired Ms. Ali to create one of her own for her son’s 1st birthday, as seen here.

I just have to share directly what turned out of Ali’s project, which I think turned out so neat!

lvbaby's "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" banner she made for her son's 1st birthday (photos by lvbaby)

I am so glad to have inspired something for Ali’s little boy’s first birthday!!!

And her post has inspired me to think of other applications for that “explore” banner. Think birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries…what have you. Simply switch out the letters and colors (as lvbaby did for her banner) + the animal cut-outs with something else (remember, you can download various shaped fonts–dingbats–free for personal use from

It’s really a project that can be applied to pretty much anything, maybe even personalizing a child’s room.

It’s amazing how the blogosphere causes connection and inspiration among moms.

How has blogging helped you be connected as a Mom?

The Miggie Report: 17 Months

We’ve been in the Philippines now for over a month and a half. I’m not too happy about not being able to blog about Miguel and our travels as there’s just so much to write about, and no constant wi-fi availability.

Here at Lola’s house, we are connected online through a mobile USB connection (Globe Tattoo), where we “load” money into this USB’s SIM card to be able to access the web. The problem is either the signal’s too weak in my Grandma’s neck of the woods, or there’s just too many Globe Tattoo users around here. I’ve figured out that we usually have the least access problems between 12 midnight and three in the morning, when every body and their mother is asleep (including me!), so unless I make an effort to stay up, there’s just no way I’d be able to blog. There are also the posh malls that grant free wi-fi access (including nearby Eastwood Mall, which we love). We were actually there today, which allowed me to post some of our pics from Bohol. The problem with that is there is just so much patience that comes with Mamma being online while Daddy watches our crazy toddler run and wreak havoc at Starbucks.

Oh Miguel…where to start his 17th-month report. Since last month, I’ve seen him develop most in his language skills, literally just absorbing and repeating everything we say (in his cutest little way of saying things). He can now say “Daddy” and “Mommy” with perfect diction and intonation of course, as if it were a four-year-old saying Daddy and Mommy. My utmost favorite is when he says “I Love-y” (I love you.) He knows when we are going to ride in a car (“vroom-vroom”), when it’s time to sleep (“meh-meh”), and when he runs to his great-grandmother (“wo-wa”). He’s also gotten so much friendlier toward strangers, greeting random people “hi” and “bye” (with matching wave of hands) at malls, in restaurants, and while we were in Boracay, Cebu, and Bohol this month. He’s also gotten so attached to his Dad. He looks for Te when he’s gone, even when he leaves the room to get his bottle. And Te reports that Miggz doesn’t really look for me whenever I leave. I guess it just shows how devoted and hands-on of a father my hubby is…even more than me, to be honest. I’m proud of this fact, but am also sad about it at the same time. It’s amazing how, at a tender age of one, toddlers can recognize who the nicer parent is (hands down it’s Te, because he’s more about fun, rather than the disciplinarian, which is me). It makes me wonder if Miggz will “switch sides” eventually, or if he’ll now and forever be Daddy’s boy.

We’ll see =)

What will you come up with next, Miggz?

Time Capsule


I feel like I just went back in time.

I’ve spent the past couple of hours being wide awake and looking for and finding my former blogs. Three of them to be exact. Actually four…because I created a blog on our wedding website as well, which I just remembered about right now. Come to think of it, I know I also have a multiply site account, but I cannot for the life of me remember my user name or password for that one. So five former blogs (this is my sixth).

It’s amazing to believe, but I have actually been blogging for seven years!!! My oldest blog post dates back to November 7, 2003 (guess what blog platform it’s on). Granted there is a HUGE gaping blog hole in their starting from somewhere after around the time Te and I got married to somewhere after Te and I had Miguel (which, incidentally marks the beginning of this blog). I hugely blame my cessation of writing blog posts on Facebook and the ever-present status updates (which are really mini-blogs if you think about it). Oh, and on new motherhood. But I am really glad I blogged again!

I enjoyed re-opening these virtual time capsules and re-reading about my former life. Me, the not-yet-married (but very much in love) chick. Me, who wrote about…LOL…getting old at 22. Me, many, many, many blog posts away from being a Mom. I look back at those blogs and smile, because I knew, even back then, that I wanted to be a Mom. And now here I am, all the more motivated to write again, because I want Miguel to be able to go back in history and read this time capsule I’ve set up for him, so he’ll know how much he’s changed our lives.

Especially mine.

One of my five former blogs was on blogspot.

Back to Blogging

I’m back after almost eight months of hiatus. Not that you can call my initial attempt at this to be “serious” blogging. But I’ll be better. Promise. After all, I am now a Stay-At-Home Mom (SAHM). I should have all the time in the world to blog now.

So what happened in the past eight months, you ask. Well…lots. For one thing, I am now on the other side of the country. We finally moved!!! My husband and I, since getting married, have always planned on moving to Arizona to be closer to my family. Four years and a baby later, here we are. Gone are our days living in a one-bedroom apartment, which was not that bad when it was just the two of us. Add a baby and a mother-in-law to that living arrangement and we’ve created a recipe for disaster. Needless to say, we all wanted out. Me especially, but I know my hubby was right up there.

So we survived a cross-country move. Now what?? I have visions of me being this fabulous New Mamma, being a domestic goddess and getting things done. As I’ve come to realize the past few weeks, that is easier said than done. Here I am up at seven in the morning (a rare occasion!), searching the internet for the ideal SAHM schedule.

I’m still looking…

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